Danberu nan kilo moteru? Weightlifting Manga Gets TV Anime This Summer

Manga about high school girl’s adventures in weight lifting authored by Kengan Ashura author

The crossover between people who workout and watch anime is pretty high these days, so much so that it isn’t uncommon to see gym selfies with anime shirts across social media. Now another work by the author of Kengan Ashura aims to get people interested in weightlifting using what else, but cute high school girls.

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING, There’s Godzilla on VRV!

HIDIVE has a solid selection of Big G flicks!

Do you need more giant monsters in your life? Of course you do! We all do. And so VRV and HIDIVE have us covered with a selection of four awesome Godzilla films. Read about why you should watch them here!

Legendary Kings Join Forces in FATE/EXTELLA LINK Game Trailer

Iskandar and Altria team up to show off Switch edition’s gameplay

Altria Pendragon and Iskandar are teaming up to show you more of FATE/EXTELLA LINK! The latest trailer features gameplay footage for the upcoming Nintendo Switch release. Hit the jump for a look!

Some Of The Best Anime Scenes Ever Are Only A Few Seconds Long

If you can only watch anime for a few seconds a day, check out these amazing scenes

Sometimes you don’t need a long pitch to talk about what makes a show great–what if you could do it with just a single, short scene? Hit the jump to find out how a brief moment in an anime can make all the difference!

Killer T Cell Takes the Lead in Cells at Work! Spinoff

Cells at Work! FRIEND is the latest manga series to take a closer look at our microscopic buddies

Killer T cell is back and still fighting! Manga spinoff Cells at Work! FRIEND will follow your body’s staunchest protector as he fights off the things that make you sick. Check out a preview after the jump!

OLDCODEX Rocks Out for 3DCG ULTRAMAN Official Theme Song

Latest iteration of Tsuburaya Productions’ tokusatsu hero debuts on Netflix in April of 2019

Japanese rock band OLDCODEX will perform the official theme song for ULTRAMAN, an upcoming 3DCG web anime that re-imagines Tsuburaya Productions’ classic live-action tokusatsu hero in the animated medium. Hit the jump to learn more.

Voice Actor Kenshō Ono Tries His Hand at Herding Cats

“My Roommate is a Cat” TV anime is currently broadcasting in Japan and streaming on Crunchyroll

If you need a little cat-related cuteness to round out your Tuesday, Avex Pictures has got you covered with a series of Youtube videos featuring voice actor Kenshō Ono (who plays Subaru Mikazuki in My Roommate is a Cat) learning the finer points of feline appreciation at a cat cafe in Akihabara. Hit the jump to check it out.

TV Anime Based on Osamu Tezuka’s Phoenix to Hit Blu-ray for First Time

Media Blasters announces re-license of the series

The TV anime adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s sprawling Phoenix manga has its first HD English release on the way. Media Blasters announced the re-licensing of the series on Facebook, with plans to bring the series to Blu-ray for the first time along with a DVD release in 2019. Read on for more.

M.A.O. Assists Fire Force Anime’s Squad as a Nun Named Iris

Brief promo arrives to sample her voice

Last week the Fire Force TV anime tossed the voice of Re:ZERO‘s Subaru into the mix, and now it’s time for another voice actor reveal for the adaptation. Read on for more.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Officially Coming to the West

Bandai Namco Entertainment announces plans for Switch and PC release

Arcade-based card battler Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is officially getting a western release. Read on for details, including a new English announcement trailer.

Kiratto Pri☆Chan Reveals 2nd Season Key Visual Introducing Three New Idols

“Jewel Audition” to choose “Jewel Idol” is the main event of the second season

The official website and Twitter for the TV anime Kiratto Pri☆Chan posted a key visual for its upcoming second season introducing three new idols: Dia, Maria, and Suzu. The theme of the new season is “Idol and Jewel.” Hit the jump for more latest information.

Japan Post Offers Mobile Police Patlabor 30th Anniversary Stamp & Postcard Set

Anime character designer Akemi Takada provides a newly drawn illustration

In commemoration of the Mobile Police Patlabor franchise’s 30th anniversary, Japan Post started accepting pre-orders for the memorial stamp and postcard set in three editions (Yuuki Masami Selection, Akemi Takada Selection, Yutaka Izubuchi Selection) at its 24,700 post offices across Japan and online store today. Check out details of the special items after the jump!

Suspected Arsonist Arrested After 7 Vehicles Torched During Anime Los Angeles Convention

Crowdfunding campaigns underway to assist those affected by arson

During this past weekend’s Anime Los Angeles convention in Ontario, California police arrested Matthew Masumi Toyotome of Riverside California on suspicion of arson. Hit the jump for the full story

Watch Yuka Iguchi Sings DanMachi: Arrow of the Orion Film Theme Song in MV

Highly-anticipated all-new film hits Japanese theaters February 15

The official YouTube channel for voice actress Yuka Iguchi has posted a short version music video for her 12th single song “Onaji Sora no Shita de” (Under The Same Sky), the theme song for the forthcoming anime film Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Arrow of the Orion. She has performed for the theme songs for the DanMachi anime series since the first TV anime in 2015. Check out her new MV after the jump!

Fate/GO U.S.A. Tour 2019 Kicks Off with a Major Two-Day Event in LA

The tour touches down at the California Market Center first

Prepare for adventure, American Fate fans! Fate/Grand Order is preparing to hit the road for a US tour, starting in Los Angeles! Meet voice actors from the game, be the first to get access to exclusive new merchandise, and enjoy unique live events. More info after the jump!

Di Gi Charat Anime Celebrates 20th Anniversary with New Drama CDs

Cast reunites for two new stories

Shop mascot turned anime star Di Gi Charat is celebrating 20 years since the debut of her very own anime! While we come to terms with the fact that 1999 wasn’t five years ago, you can check out info on the new audio dramas made in honor of the occasion. Get more info after the jump!

Boogiepop Reveals Character Designs for Upcoming Imaginator Arc

Seven chracters from Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator join the brawl this week

Boogiepop and Others is preparing to step into the original book series’s Imaginator story this week. Check out new character info and art for the book’s characters as they make their way to the world of anime—after the jump!

Sailor Moon Tiara Clip Case Is Fit for a Neo-Queen

Office supplies get regal

Show your coworkers and classmates who’s queen with a regal… paper clip case? Premium Bandai’s newest Sailor Moon goods put a Silver Millennium spin on organization. Check it out after the jump!

Christmas Comes Early with Steins;Gate 0 Mayuri and Kurisu Figures

Both are available for pre-order in the Crunchyroll Store

Tutturu! Kurisu and Mayuri are in their Christmas best as a new pair of figures! The Steins;Gate 0 girls are available individually for pre-order now in the Crunchyroll Store. Hit the jump to get yours!

The Brilliance of Mob Psycho 100’s Season Premiere

Today let’s explore how the first episode of Mob Psycho II exemplified all of this show’s formidable strengths!

Mob Psycho 100 made a big splash when it first came out in 2016, but a great first season doesn’t guarantee a great sequel. Fortunately, I am happy to announce that at least so far, Mob Psycho II is living up to all the grand promise of its predecessor. Today on Why It Works, let’s explore how this new season exemplifies Mob‘s greatest strengths!