Golden Kamuy’s Real Life Tips for Fighting Bears Can Save Your Life

Never go hiking without first learning these basic bear-battling skills!

Bears may be bigger and stronger than you, but with these hunting skills from Golden Kamuy you’ll be taking them down in no time. From stalking, to shooting, to (not) punching, learn all the best ways to deal with a beary serious problem. Hit the jump for our official bear fighting tips!

Jaeger and Mazinger Z Team Up in “Pacific Rim: Uprising” New Collaboration Art

You can also find Grendizer, Spazers, and Getter Machines in the background

To promote the ongoing theatrical run in Japan, the official Japanese website for Pacific Rim: Uprising has posted another collaboration art featuring Gipsy Avenger from the sequel film and one of Japan’s most well-known super robots, Mazinger Z, from its latest feature Mazinger Z: Infinity released in January. Check out the dream collaboration after the jump!

INTERVIEW: The Legendary Junji Ito Talks About His Anime Collection and More

“I gave up some ideas several times because they were too brutal or crude.”

The horror experts at Rue Morgue magazine recently landed an exclusive interview with Japan’s master of terror – Junji Ito – and chatted with him about his influences, recent favorites (including The Shape of Water), and behind the scenes info on his Junji Ito Collection anime. Read on after the jump!

“Gintama 2” Achieves MAX Wastefulness with Hollywood-Style Trailer

Still no official title

The upcoming Gintama live-action sequel has just released a new teaser trailer. And it has all the flash of a Hollywood blockbuster! Check out the new footage — what there is, anyway — after the jump!

Live-Action “Mob Psycho 100” Series Hits Netflix in the U.S. on May 22

Netflix rolls out its May release slate and includes the adaptation in the mix

It’s the week of Mob Psycho 100 news! Yesterday Dark Horse announced plans to release ONE’s original Mob Psycho 100 manga in English, and now we know when to expect the live-action series on Netflix. Read on for more.

Discotek Rolls Out New and Rescued Anime Licenses This Summer

Lupin III, Bananya, and more are on the slate for June

Discotek Media is rolling out a ton of new Blu-Rays and DVDs this summer! Take home titles like Bananya, Sister Princess, and multiple iterations of Lupin III. Get the whole scoop after the jump!

The Anime-Original Secrets of My Hero Academia

Today let’s uncover what My Hero Academia’s latest episodes can tell us about the future of class 1-A!

After a long year away, My Hero Academia‘s stars have returned at last. Today on Why It Works, we’ll explore how the new episodes’ anime-original content reveals a great deal about where Academia‘s stars are now, and where they might rise from here! Hit the jump to read more!

“Rurouni Kenshin” Manga’s Hokkaido Arc to Resume Next Month

Shueisha issues statement following the author’s child pornography possession conviction

Back in November we reported on Rurouni Kenshin author Nobuhiro Watsuki being convicted for possession of child pornography, and now his Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc manga is preparing to return. Read on for more.

Compile Heart Reveals Full Title for “Brave Neptunia” 2D Action Game

Artisan Studios-developed entry is coming to PlayStation 4

Following up on its original announcement in March, Compile Heart came through with a full title for Brave Neptunia. Read on for more information!

Masami Yuuki’s “Kyukyoku Chojin R” Manga to Release New Volume after 31 Years

Two perfect edition box sets will be also available this summer

After 31 years since the last ninth volume in August 1987, the tenth tankobon volume of Masami Yuuki (Birdy the Mighty, Mobile Police Patlabor)’s sci-fi school comedy manga Kyukyoku Chojin R is set to be released on August 10. The news was announced in this year’s 21st/22nd combined issue of Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirits magazine released today in Japan. Hit the jump for more details.

Feel The Majestic Sound in XAI’s “Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle” Theme Song MV

Toho Cinderella Audition winner’s 2nd singe “THE SKY FALLS” hits stores May 9

Following “WHITE OUT” for the first part Monster Planet, 19-year-old rookie singer XAI provides the theme song “THE SKY FALLS” for Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle, the upcoming second part of Polygon Pictures’ three-part anime feature film project inspired by Toho’s long-running Godzilla franchise. Her official website has posted a four-minute full music video for the song.

“YuruYuri” Celebrates Manga’s 10th Anniversary with New OAV

The new original animation video will be called “YuruYuri Ten”

In an announcement that is sure to delight the fans, a new original animation video has been announced for YuruYuri, the anime adaptation based on Namori’s everyday life comedy manga. Hit the jump to learn the details.

Real-Life Jockey Makes the Jump to 2D in “Umamusume: Pretty Derby”

Yutaka Take appears as himself in episode 05 of TV anime about girls who are also race horses

It appears that even champion-level jockeys like to horse around from time to time, because Yutaka Take – a professional jockey who holds 7 national records in the sport of Japanese horse racing – is appearing as himself in the 5th episode of Umamusume: Pretty Derby. Hit the jump to learn more.

Singer / Voice Actress Yui Makino Appointed as PR Ambassador

Makino serves in honorary position to promote tourism in the town of Kamifurano in Hokkaido

In a special ceremony that was held in Tokyo, singer / voice actress / pianist Yui Makino was appointed as an official “Kamifurano PR Ambassador” by the town of Kamifurano in Hokkaido. Hit the jump to learn more.

Hearts Grow Distant in “Liz and the Blue Bird” Extended PV

Theatrical anime film based on the “Sound! Euphonium” novels is currently playing in Japanese theaters

Just in time for the theatrical release of Liz and the Blue Bird (Liz to Aoi Tori in Japanese, alternatively Liz und ein BlauerVogel in German), Kyoto Animation has released a three minute long extended preview video that explores the characters and conflicts of the film. Hit the jump to check it out.

Gainax’s “Princess Maker 5” is Coming to Steam This Month

CFK Co. Ltd. prepares to release the final game in the series

Gainax’s series of Princess Maker life simulation games continues to be localized on PC, with CFK Co. Ltd. bringing the final game, Princess Maker 5, to Steam this month. Hit the jump for more.

Light Novel Adaptation “Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai” Debuts in October of 2018

TV anime is based on a series of light novels about a little sister who writes light novels about a little sister

Here’s some quick news for fans of moe light novel series: the TV anime adaptation of Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai (“The One I Love is My Little Sister But She’s Not a Little Sister”), a light novel series written by Seiji Ebisu and illustrated by Gintarou about a young lady who moonlights as an ecchi light novel author, will begin broadcasting in Japan in October of 2018. Hit the jump to learn more.

Disney Brings Digital Education to Life in “Technologia School of Magic”

New program combines new and classic characters with game design education

Big-name voice actors are crossing paths with Disney classics to bring us Technologia School of Magic, a new way to learn game design and web coding. The 100-hour visual novel style lesson launches today. Get a sneak peek of the new characters after the jump!

Karuta Meets King’s Game in “Cobra Party” Card Game

New tabletop game to premiere at Nico Nico Super Conference

There ain’t no party like a Cobra Party, because a Cobra Party is two different games and an old-school anime in one deck! The new Space Adventure Cobra card game combines classic manga, karuta, and king’s game into one grown-up tabletop game. Hit the jump to find out more!

“Perfect World” Live Action Movie Poster Promises Romance

Film based on Rie Aruga’s josei manga about a couple dealing with disability hits theaters in Japan in October

Cherry blossoms fall in the official movie poster for Perfect World, an upcoming live-action film based on Rie Aruga’s josei manga about a young couple re-uniting and re-kindling their romance in the face of a permanently disabling injury. Hit the jump to learn more.