IN STORES TODAY! Herakles v1 and Little Tails Under the Sea!

Now in comic shops everywhere (and book stores in two weeks) — Book One of HERAKLES by Edouard Cour and LITTLE TAILS UNDER THE SEA by Frederic Brremaud and Federico Bertolucci!


Half-god, but way too human… Author Edouard Cour revisits one of the greatest Greek myths by painting the often-heroic Herakles as, well . . . somewhat of a jerk. Crude and stubborn at times, in little glimpses we meet a man—half-human, after all—with a psychology more complex than he appears, entangled in guilt over the ghosts…


When an old fisherman fails to return after a storm, his doting wife goes on a madcap adventure across the ocean to find him.


Great warriors apart must become even greater together… A cursed king calls forth his land’s greatest warriors to retrieve the one thing that can save his life: the dust of a mysterious island god! Together the warriors set sail for the island, where they must at turns band together and split up in order to…

ANNOUNCING: Orphans volume One

They don’t make art. They make cadavers. After a devastating attack from distant space leaves a large portion of Earth’s population in terror and ruin, a band of children are groomed into a unit of perfect soldiers sent to the distant, hostile planet to avert another horrific attack. But when they arrive, they discover dark…

IN STORES TODAY! Infinity 8 #1

The premiere issue of the far-out sci-fi megaseries INFINITY 8 by the legendary Lewis Trondheim, Zep, and Dominique Bertail is now IN COMIC SHOPS EVERYWHERE!

ANNOUNCING: The Big Empty Life of Alphonse Tabouret

If there’s a point to Life, does it need to be so sharp…? In the middle of a quiet, not-so-special clearing in the woods, a wee tiny whatsit wakes up without any memory at all. So he sets off in search of his maker, as well as some sense of purpose in Life. Along the way,…

IN STORES TODAY! Black Comix Returns

Now available in book stores everywhere — BLACK COMIX RETURNS, featuring nearly 100 of the best African American creators in comics today!

ANNOUNCING: Infinity 8!

8 AGENTS, 8 MISSIONS, 8 TEMPORAL REBOOTS TO SAVE THE INFINITY 8! Only two weeks into its six-week journey between the Milky Way and Andromeda, the Infinity 8 is trapped in a massive field of interstellar debris filled with artifacts from a thousand realities. With the fate of 880,000 passengers of 257 different alien species…

NOW AVAILABLE! The Tales of Basil & Moebius!

Now available exclusively through Amazon — THE TALES OF BASIL AND MOEBIUS, featuring short stories written by award-winning fan-favorite sci-fi authors Timothy Zahn (Star Wars: Heir to the Empire), Richard Lee Byers (Forgotten Realms), Michael Stackpole (World of Warcraft), Aaron Allston (Star Wars Legends), Greg Bear (Blood Music, Halo), and Erik Bear (The Mongoliad)!

IN STORES TODAY! Cloudia & Rex vol.1 TPB

The collected paperback edition of the hit three-issue series CLOUDIA & REX, by Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas, and Daniel Irizarri, is IN STORES EVERYWHERE TODAY!


World premiere trailer video for CLOUDIA & REX, by Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas, and Daniel Irizarri, which comes out in trade paperback tomorrow!  Check it out!

IN STORES TODAY! POS and Ghost Money #4

Now in stores and comic shops everywhere:  POS by PIerre Paquet and Jesus Alonso, and GHOST MONEY #4 by Thierry Smolderen and Dominique Bertail!


In prep for POS, in stores tomorrow, we’ve made this trailer for the book to get you as psyched as we are for it!

IN STORES TODAY! Jazz Maynard #6!

It’s all-out war as Jazz, Teo, Judas, and White confront the new Mayor and his army of assassins. Old sins are uncovered and new ones committed Jazz chases down the only thing of personal interest: vengeance… The conclusion to the first major story arc, “The Barcelona Trilogy” now IN COMIC SHOPS EVERYWHERE!

IN STORES TODAY! The Ghost of Gaudi

He was called a genius, a madman, and God’s own architect. His designs have inspired and bewildered both mathematicians and artists for generations. His monuments defy comparison. And someone is leaving a trail of horrific murders among them, baffling local police. Only one girl may hold the key to catching the killer. But she insists…

IN STORES TODAY! Ghost Money #3!

Kendrick’s crew has eyes on their terror suspect, Chamza . . . literally. By tapping her very vision through cybernetics implanted in her eyes after her accident, they start to assemble a profile of her network, including young Lindsey, who knows nothing about the danger she has wandered into . . .


in November — an honest, touching, and mature memoir by Pierre Paquet, chronicling his growing experiences while building an independent graphic novel publishing company and juggling personal relationships!  The spiritual sequel to his Eisner-nominated memoir A GLANCE BACKWARD!

IN STORES TODAY! Jazz Maynard #5!

The mayor of Barcelona is dead, buried under a mountain of scandal, and the only ones who know the truth are trapped in the middle of a gang war raging through El Raval. Jazz, Teo, and Judas take to the streets to quell the violence with a little of their own . . .

ANNOUNCING: The Ghost of Gaudi!

Coming in October — an eye-popping murder mystery set in the mind-blowing monuments of architect Antoni Gaudi!