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Check out free manga & comics from creators all over the world – and upload
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first-ever catalogue, many of the Founding Creators’ works are featured.
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Introducing Our Disney Manga 2016 Catalogue

Here at TOKYOPOP we are absolutely ecstatic to bring you an exciting line
of family-friendly English-language Manga books by Disney! Whether you’re
looking to make a special visit to the Pumpkin King in Halloween Town, get
royal with Kilala Princess and friends, or to fall down the rabbit hole
into Wonderland you’ll find it all in our 2016 Disney manga catalogue. So
what’re you waiting for? A new story awaits! 

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Demon Shrine

This week, we feature “Demon Shrine” from creator
audreycarrothers36: Weakest of his kind, Lyle journeys forth to silence the
Demons of the Mountain.

Join TOKYOPOP & POP Comics® At Anime Expo!

Copic and POP Comics® are joining forces for the Make Your Own Manga
contest at Anime Expo! To enter, just head to the Copic booth# 2427 and use
Copic’s professional grade markers draw an original single-page manga story

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Magical Cat Ghee

This week, we feature “THE MAGICAL CAT GHEE” from creator japamanga: When a
strange light turns all magicians in Durhein to cats, one cat named Ghee
embarks on journey to bring back a world filled with hope… 

Samus Lives On In Fan-Made Animated Short

Year after year, it seems like Nintendo neglects the Metroid franchise.
Despite being one of the company’s oldest and most critically acclaimed
IPs, it appears Nintendo simply doesn’t know how to move the franchise

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Scifies

This week, we feature “SCIFIES” from creator Ramon Gil: Discover a
humorous, exciting collection of the best stories from Ramon Gil’s science
fiction anthology.

Clamp Announces New “Cardcaptor Sakura” Manga & Anime

After publisher Kodansha announced earlier this year that a new Cardcaptor
Sakura manga was on the way, and that it wasn’t going to be a one-time
deal, but a full-fledged sequel series. And just today, Sakura made her
triumphant return to the pages of monthly girls’ manga anthology Nakayoshi
 with the start of the story’s “Clear Card Arc,” in which the titular card
capturer, plus her friends Tomoyo and Syaoran, are now junior high school

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Shonen King

This week, we feature “Shonen King” from creator isaac.shapiro: A loving,
fourth-wall-breaking parody of the world of shonen manga and shonen manga

9 Harsh Anime Truths

It’s a hard otaku life out there, from virtual boyfriends to virtually no
end to One Piece. And while we all prefer to live in fandom bliss, here are
9 undeniably truths to our favorite medium

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Heavenly C

This week, we feature “Heavenly C” from creator sohdonald: Venture into the
world of Pistis. A dangerous planet filled with colossal creatures known as
rushwas. Hunting these beasts are the young couple, Noah and Zoey. This
adorable duet are far more than just lovers. They are gods whose “covenant”
will not only reshape the world of Pistis, but our world as well. 

Studio Ghibli Inspires With French Co-Production “The Red Turtle”

With esteemed animation masters Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata no longer
at the helm behind Studio Ghibli and instead focusing on short films, many
have been wondered how the revered animation company will move forward, and
who will continue the legacy?

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: The Elephant Book

This week, we feature “The Elephant Book” from creator M. Alice LeGrow
: When two young people named Williams and Fairfax wake up in a cheap motel
with no memories, they have no idea they’re about to be torn between two
covert groups! Full of action, adventure, fantasy and crab fries, The
Elephant Book is an exciting new series from the creator of Bizenghast
about the power of human imagination and invention.

Meet the Mother of Cosplay

Cosplay is huge, it’s international! Whether it’s bringing fun-loving
citizens together for nights and weekends running around in spandex and
leather, influencing everyday fashion or helping get you backstage at a
Rihanna concert, cosplay is a widely-celebrated convention phenomenon
that’s on it’s way to the mainstream. Considering its status as a
female-dominated hobby that thrives in traditionally “male” fan spaces and
with its focus on creative detail, fashion and craftsmanship, cosplay
provides a path into fandom for young women unlike any other. 

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Hannibal Goes To Rome

This week, we feature “Hannibal Goes To Rome” from creator bankshot: To
fulfill an oath to his dead father, general Hannibal Barca declares war on
the nascent Roman Empire. Then things get ludicrous.

Live-Action Shimauma Trailer Doesn’t Hold Back

Japanese film news website Cinema Today began streaming a trailer on
Thursday for the live-action film adaptation of Fumio Obata’s Shimauma
 manga. The trailer is a web-exclusive version of an earlier trailer with
added scenes of graphic violence.

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: Shadowbinders

This week, we feature “Shadowbinders” from creator Clownfish Studios! When
teenage girl Mia White is transported to the fantastical world of Belatyr
courtesy of her grandfather’s antique watch, adventure, hilarity and teen
angst ensue!

Live-Action Naruto Play Promises Summer Of Theatrical Kick-Assery

With the most recent release of in-costume cast photos which show the cast
together for the first time, now more than ever the live-action Naruto
stage production appears to have dotted their i’s and crossed all their t’s
to provide a summer of kick-ass performances. 

Weekly POP Comics® Showcase: The Ocean of Secrets

This week, we feature “The Ocean of Secrets” from creator Sophie-chan —
when fate pulls 17-year-old Mia from her into a world of fantasy, an
incredible journey full of secrets, strength, and danger begins. 

Crackle Unveils Free Anime Channel

Crackle — the online web series, film and TV show outlet owned by Sony —
held its upfront presentation in New York yesterday, and among the
announcements was news of and plans to launch a new anime channel.