Limerick Literary Festival in honour of Kate O’Brien – Ormston House

Creators of the internationally-acclaimed, Limerick-based graphic novel SAVAGE TOWN, Philip Barrett and Declan Shalvey will join John Byrne to discuss their work and the world of comics and graphic novels. Join us on Saturday 24 February from 3 to 5pm …

Interview With Sloane Leong, Author and Artist of Prism Stalker

Sloane Leong has a new comic series out with a POC lead and high stakes in space! Book Riot is happy to interview her about Prism Stalker, out in March 2018. Colonialism, agency, and the power of colors—these topics and more in this interview with PRIS…

“Fortune favors the bold”—Image Comics’ Publisher Eric Stephenson’s Image Expo keynote speech | News | Image Comics

Image is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by 7 of the comics industry’s best-selling artists, and is the 3rd largest comics publisher in the United States. Miss the #ImageExpo keynote speech? You can read the transcript here: https:…

Bloody horror meets the Jazz Age in Image Comics’ Jook Joint

A new book from Tee Franklin and Maria Nguyen “Bloody horror meets the Jazz Age in Image Comics’ JOOK JOINT,” via Polygon

Humble Comics Bundle: Image Expo 2018

Pay what you want for awesome ebooks and support charity! Don’t miss out on #ImageEXPO Humble Bundle Bundle! Pay-what-you-want!

Leviathan Is Final Destination Meets Godzilla – IGN

The new Image Comics series is a kaiju movie by way of black magic instead of radiation. “LEVIATHAN is Final Destination meets Godzilla,” via IGN #ImageEXPO #MoveThePencil Layman

Image Expo Exclusive: Chew’s Rob Guillory Turns a New Leaf in Farmhand

Protagonist Zeke has been estranged from his father Jed in the years before the series opens, and brings his wife, son and daughter to Jed’s farm to mend ties. Jed isn’t a typical green thumb, though—he’s the geneticist behind cutting-edge bioengineere…