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Funko Introduces 8-Bit Pop!

Funko is proud to introduce the latest Pop! innovation: 8-Bit!

After tinkering with the concept for a while, Funko is now able to produce stylized 8-Bit Pop! vinyl figures that meet the necessary requirements for a series with such complicated schematics. The line debuted with New York Comic Con 2017 exclusives from Batman, Dig Dug, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Pop! 8-Bit will focus on 80s and 80s-inspired licenses in order to showcase familiar figures in a new format without sacrificing its nostalgic sensibilities. “We are so excited with the look and feel of all of our first attempts at this 8-bit approach,” says Ben Butcher, Funko’s Vice President of Creative. “So many of our licenses have had some sort of vintage video game at one point or another that it allows us to produce a broad and varied line.”

While the first few will be released in conjunction with New York Comic Con 2017, 8-Bit Pop! shows no signs of slowing down in the future with more figures coming from some of your favorite TV and Netflix shows set in the 80s! 

Create a Pop! Yourself Baseball Player For the Chance to Win a King Felix Pop!

Funko and the Seattle Mariners have partnered to bring you 
an exclusive King Felix Pop! on Saturday, September 23rd

To celebrate, we’re giving away TWO King Felix Pop!s!

How to Enter

1. Create a baseball player in Pop! Yourself!

2. Post an image of your player on Twitter or Instagram with #KingFelixFunko!

Two winners will be chosen on Monday, September 25th! 

Available Now: GameStop Exclusive Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Box

Celebrate 30 years of Street Fighter with the GameStop exclusive anniversary box!

The box of exclusives includes a 30th Anniversary Street Fighter hat, Akuma Pocket Pop! Keychain, Chun-Li and Guile Pint Size Heroes, and Hot Ryu & Violent K…

New to Pop! Yourself: Baseball Accessories!

Batter up!

Pop! Yourself now offers baseball bats, gloves, cleats, and more! 
Note: If you’re unable to see these updates, you may
need to clear your web browser’s cache!

Funko-Shop Gets An Update!

As part of Funko’s evolving digital experiences, we are rolling out a fresh, new design for Funko-Shop!  

Starting today, Funko-Shop Customers will notice a new look and feel for the website. This update will allow customers to use the new Funko Profile that was created with Pop! Yourself. Customers that haven’t created a Funko profile via Pop! Yourself or Disney Treasures can create a brand new account on Funko Shop, which can also be used for building an online avatar.  

Additionally, with this update we are allowing customers in Alaska and Hawaii to be able to place orders on Funko-Shop. 

Funko-Shop customers that have recently placed orders can review Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about how to track orders placed before July 31.

Once you’ve explored the new realm of Funko Shop, we would appreciate any feedback that you have. Please send your feedback to feedback@funko.com.

Thank you for being part of the Funko family!

New to Pop! Yourself: San Diego Comic-Con 2017!

We’re celebrating San Diego Comic-Con 2017
with new cosplay looks for Pop! Yourself!

Create your hero, villain, or friendly con-goer today!

Introducing the Newest Pop! Monster – Butterhorn!

As the light fades among the pines and fauna, and the littlest ones start to yawn, the Pop! Monsters of Wetmore Forest gather around to listen to Butterhorn’s many wondrous tales. She is the storyteller of the group, charged with sharing the legends and stories of past and present.

She is wise and gifted in the ways of nature. She speaks the ancient language of the fir trees and knows each and every creature roaming the vast rainforest by name.

Butterhorn is available now through the Funko-Shop!

Seattle Mariners King Felix Pop! Collectible Day!

We’re proud to partner with the Seattle Mariners to bring you 
an exclusive King Felix Pop! on Saturday, September 23rd! 

Learn more about the event and get your tickets here

Introducing Vynl. By Funko!

There’s no “i” in Vynl. because there’s always two of them!

Funko is proud to introduce Vynl., a brand new line of stylized vinyl collectibles created with pop culture fanatics in mind! Vynl. will take a new approach to collecting by showcasing the intricate relationships between beloved characters through a playful new aesthetic and display-ready collector packaging. As this new line of figures is centered around character relationships, every Vynl. release will contain two figures in order to highlight the connection between both characters and play off of their respective storylines.

Vynl. figures will utilize thoughtful and imaginative design to elaborate on the emotional bonds between some of the most cherished characters in pop culture. Though Vynl. figures will derive from countless realms, storylines, and universes, Funko will maintain a consistent design aesthetic ensuring all Vynl. figures look spectacular when displayed together.

This exciting new line will make its debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 with Batgirl and Poison Ivy. Then, later this summer, you’ll be able to collect Freddy Krueger & Jason, Sally & Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and He-Man & Trapjaw from The Masters of the Universe. More amazing two-packs are scheduled to arrive between now and the end of 2017.

Keep an eye out for more Vynl. news by visiting Funko.com or following us @originalfunko, and get ready to start collecting Vynl. figures by Funko!

SDCC Exclusive Batgirl + Poison Ivy Vynl.

Freddy Krueger + Jason Vorhees Vynl.

Sally + Jack Skellington Vynl.

He-Man + Trapjaw Vynl.

New to Pop! Yourself: New Camouflage Options!

We’ve added new camouflage options to the outfit section
of Pop! Yourself just in-time to celebrate Independence Day! 

Create your own Pop! Yourself figure with a patriotic background for July 4th!

Note: If you’re unable to see these updates, you may
need to clear your web browser’s cache!

Conan O’Brien Returns to Comic Con – with Funko!

Conan O’Brien will once again be immortalized with
a set of four Pop! vinyl figures to be available when
Conan returns to San Diego Comic-Con International! 

The 2017 Conan collection includes Conan as Spider-Man,
Jedi Conan, The Flash Conan, and White Walker Conan!

There will also be a limited edition black and white Conan Pop!
called “MonoConan,” which will be available through
activations and giveaways taking place in San Diego!

Note: Conan Pop!s will *NOT* be sold at the Funko booth
Pop Up Shop during San Diego Comic-Con 2017!

Conan as Spider-Man

Jedi Conan

The Flash Conan

White Walker Conan


Note: Conan Pop!s will *NOT* be sold at the Funko booth
Pop Up Shop during San Diego Comic-Con 2017!

lick here to learn more about how to add
these Conan Pop!s to your collection. 

Available Now: Walmart Exclusive Spider-Man Pint Size Hero DVD Packs!

With Spider-Man: Homecoming swinging into theaters on July 6th, now is the
 time to get caught-up on the cinematic history of Spider-Man!

Walmart exclusive DVD bundles with Spider-Man
Pint Size Heroes are hitting stores now!

The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2
are bundled with Spider-Man, Lizard, and Green Goblin!
Click here to purchase!

Spider-Man 2 and Spectacular Spider-Man, Vol.3 are
bundled with Spider-Man, Anti-Venom, and Peter Parker!
Click here to purchase!

Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man, Vol. 8 are
bundled with Spider-Man, Venom, and Doc Ock!
Click here to purchase!

Spider-Man 3 and Spectacular Spider-Man, Vol. 4 are
bundled with Spider-Man Spider-Gwen, and Mile Morales!
Click here to purchase!

Check out your local Walmart for these exclusive bundles and don’t forget to play
along with our Pint Size Heroes Happy Hour every Wednesday afternoon on Twitter!

Available Now: Spider-Man: Homecoming Pint Size Heroes 3-Packs!

Spider-Man: Homecoming Pint Size Heroes are
swinging into stores in a whole new format!

Both Pint Size Heroes 3-packs showcase two of the figures
and contain a third Mystery Collectible Pint Size Hero!

The two available sets contain either Spider-Man

[Homemade Suit] and Iron Man OR Spider-Man and Vulture,
as well as a Mystery Collectible Pint Size Hero! 

Make sure to add these to your collection in-time
for the next Pint Size Heroes Happy Hour! 

Funko Introduces Pop! Monsters!

Funko is proud to introduce Pop! Monsters, a brand new line of
unique characters dreamed-up by Funko’s own creative team!

These adorable and mysterious creatures inhabit the fabled
Wetmore Forest, which is conveniently located near Funko’s
new headquarters on Wetmore Avenue in Everett, Washington!

As of now, there are six known Pop! Monsters, including
Chester McFreckle, Picklez, Bugsy Wingnut,
Snuggle-Tooth, Butterhorn, and Tumblebee!
Chester McFreckle


Bugsy Wingnut




Keep an eye out for Pop! Monsters on Funko.com and Funko-Shop.com.
You never know where they might appear next! 

Introducing the First Pop! Monster – Tumblebee!

Pop! Monsters is a brand new line of unique and original characters dreamed up by Funko’s own creative team. They were developed as a labor of love for collectors who seek adventure and embody the imaginative Funko spirit. We are encouraged by the vast possibilities of Pop! Monsters and cannot wait to discover and collect them all along with you!

We are so excited to kick-off this line with the adorable Tumblebee! Tumblebee is at home in the misty meadows of Wetmore and gets his name from the bold stripes across his furry body and his love for tumbling aimlessly among the wildflowers. He is well liked among the other creatures of Wetmore because he is kind, caring, and honest.

Everyone loves Tumblebee!

They know that through rain and snow and highs and lows he can be counted on to protect you from danger and give you a bear hug and a big laugh when you most need it.

Be on the lookout for the full Pop! Monsters line! You never know when they might appear.

SDCC 2017 Exclusive: Rick and Morty – Tinkles & Ghost in a Jar!

As the Master Toy Licensee Partner for Rick and Morty, 
Funko has made a concerted effort to showcase the 
incredible oddities of this uniquely creative show!

The San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Tinkles with Ghost in a Jar Pop!
is yet another example of why we’re proud to partner
with minds capable of producing something adorable, 
fascinating, and, inevitably, sinister. 

Keep an eye out for more Rick and Morty products 
from Funko, such as Pop!s, Action Figures, and 
even the upcoming Portal Gun

Welcome to Wetmore Forest!

Somewhere deep in the heart of the Pacific Northwest,
not far from Funko’s new headquarters on Wetmore Avenue,
there is a wooded glen known as Wetmore Forest.

Among the great mossy, bearded trees, shrouded in mist,
lives a mysterious furry band of critters that come in all
shapes and sizes, each with their own distinct personality.
They are called Pop! Monsters!
Keep an eye out for Pop! Monsters throughout Funko.com and Funko-Shop!

New to Pop! Yourself: Burst of Color!

We’ve added a burst of color to Pop! Yourself
hairstyles, t-shirts, and backgrounds!

Make your figure POP this summer! Create your figure now

Wish Freddy Funko "Happy Birthday" to Win a Funko-Shop Prize Pack!

In honor of Freddy Funko’s birthday month, we want to hear from you – the fans! 
We’re giving away SIX Funko-Shop.com exclusive Freddy Funko prize packs! 

Post a video of you wishing Freddy Funko a Happy Birthday on YouTube
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