Guest of Honor announcement: Hideo Okamoto

Sakura Con 2019 is pleased to welcome back Hideo Okamoto! Mr. Okamoto is a renowned prop designer, mecha designer, and illustrator, whose notable works include Ronin Warriors, Pokemon: Black and White, and the Godzilla films from the 1990’s where he de…

Mascot Contest 2020 Announcement

Welcome to the Sakura-Con Mascot Contest. Submissions will be accepted until 11:59pm PST on April 1st, 2019 and will only be accepted electronically. No entries will be accepted after this point and prizing information will be available soon. For a com…

Guest of Honor Announcement: Hiroshi Nagahama

Sakura Con 2019 is pleased to bring back a long-time friend of our convention, Hiroshi Nagahama! Fans will recognize him as a celebrated director who has worked on Mushishi, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and many others.

Guest of Honor Announcement: Yutaka Minowa

Sakura Con 2019 is pleased to welcome Yutaka Minowa! Fans will recognize him for the art and animation of Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

Guest Announcement: Alexis Tipton

Alexis Tipton has been working in the dubbing industry since 2008 and has loved every minute of it. She can be heard in over 250 titles so far with more announcements on the way! 

Guest Announcement: Jamie Marchi

Jamie Marchi is a voice actress for video games and anime with over 300 characters to date. She’s the voice of Ellie from Borderlands 2 and Freya from Smite, amongst other video game characters. 

Guest of Honor Announcement: Ryukishi07

Ryukishi first appeared in the anime industry when he founded the doujinshi software circle, 07th Expansion, with the help of his brothers. He and his circle debuted with “Higurashi When They Cry,” a title which has grown to see several ani…

ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D video message

We have a special video message from our musical guest ROOKiEZ IS PUNK’D! Posted by Official ANCEA/Sakura-Con on Friday, February 15, 2019

Guest Announcement: ROOKiEZ IS PUNK’D

The band has done many theme songs for popular anime series such as “Durarara!!,” “BLEACH,” “Blue Exorcist,” “Yowamushi Pedal.” As such, their audience encompasses a wide range of age groups across all genders. In recent years, they’ve been increasingly active overseas as well, overcoming language and cultural boundaries. Last September, they released their 2nd Full …

Fashion Show model Applications

Always wanted to be in a Fashion show? Well here’s your chance! GOUK MIYABI Tokyo Lolita Fashion is holding an open call for models for Sakura Con 2019. Selected applicants will model in the GOUK MIYABI Tokyo Lolita fashion show held Saturday afternoon. To enter, please send an email to with the following: Two …

Panel Submissions are now open!

Submissions will be accepted until February 1st. Get them submitted and share your knowledge and passion with the rest of Sakura Con!

The Cosplay Contest form is now live

The Cosplay Contest form is now live and accepting applications, please hes on over to the Cosplay Contest Page to read the rules and enter.

Opening Ceremonies Video Contest is now Open!

Attention all AMV creators and video editors! Enjoy making videos? Love Sakura-Con? Want to help get people pumped up? Why not try your hand at making us a video for our Opening Ceremonies? We want our opening video to start Sakura-Con off right, and we want you to do it. What’s in it for us? …

Guest Announcement: Satoshi Shiki

Sakura Con 2019 is pleased to welcome Satoshi Shiki, a manga artist and illustrator whose works include: “Attack on Titan~Before the fall~” (story by Hajime Isayama), and the newest “Dororo” (story by Osamu Tezuka).  Fans may also recognize his art from “Riot,” “Kamikaze,” “Daphne in the Brilliant Blue,” “X Blade,” and many others! This will be …

Sakuracon 2019 fashion guest: GOUK MIYABI

Sakuracon 2019 welcomes back the Japanese fashion brand : GOUK! This year, we are please to introduce the debut of GOUK-MIYABI Lolita designer : Karin Moriguchi. The GOUK-MIYABI brand captures the elegance of traditional Japanese style with the cuteness of Lolita fashion.  Including Moriguchi as a designer, she provides a new vision to the WA …

Cosplay Chess Forms are now Open!

Here is the announcement to go out to Social once Web comes back that the applications are live for 2019 and have been tested. ‘Come one come all to the brawl of the year! Magic versus Melee! Fisticuffs and spells. Join us and put your best defense on the line! Cosplay Chess is now accepting …

Press Application Form are Open

Sakura-Con welcomes and appreciates media coverage. Please complete the press application below to request a press badge to Sakura-Con. You may be contacted with questions in the process of determining approval for a press badge, so please be sure to add to your email address book or email white list in order to receive emails from …

Artist Alley Submissions Open

The 2019 Sakura-Con Artist Alley form is now open for submissions!
We are only accepting applications until the Dec 16th, 11:59 PST.

Sakura-Con 2019 AMV Contest Open!

The Sakura-Con 2019 AMV Contest is now open for submissions!
Sakura-Con’s AMV contest is an event for fans to showcase their creative talents in the form of music videos. The Contest is open to anyone, be they amateur or professional!
Submissions signu…

Panel Submission Start January 1st

Get your panel ideas ready, Sakura-Con 2019 Panel submission will open on January 1st!