Attack the Darkness with Hatsune Miku in “Kokoro Dungeon”


If you’ve ever looked at tabletop RPGs and thought “needs more Vocaloid,” you’re in luck. Kokoro Dungeon, a new TRPG featuring Hatsune Miku, is coming later this month.


Players fight their way through a dungeon to defeat the villainous Otokui. But they’re not alone — they’re accompanied by Miku and her friends, creatures known as “Otodama” who fight using the power of song. Vocaloid favorites like “Umiyuri Kaiteitan” and “Double Lariat” will be referenced in the game scenario and as character skills.



The game is a product of Kadokawa and TRPG Online, the latter of whom created tabletop versions of Grancrest, KanColle, and Full Metal Panic! The game book goes on sale late this month.


Source: Ota-suke, Hachima




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