Atlus Reveals “Project Re Fantasy: A Fool’s Journey Begins” RPG

Remember when we posted about an original RPG in the works at Atlus that isn’t related to the Shin Megami Tensei or Persona games? Well, Atlus officially unveiled Project Re Fantasy: A Fool’s Journey Begins, and the English branch sent out some information about the first game from the newly-announced Studio Zero.


Project Re Fantasy comes from Katsura Hashino, who previously directed titles like Catherine, Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, Persona 5, and more. There aren’t many details on the game itself, but it promises to be a complete departure from SMT and Persona, returning to the JRPG roots of fantasy. With Hashino at the helm, however, we can expect some of that distinct Atlus flavor in the mix.


Joining Hashino for the adventure is artist Shigenori Soejima, who whipped up the art that initially teased the project, and composer Shoji Meguro. 


Here’s a concept trailer: 


From the press release:  

“We take seriously this goal of creating a game with the care and detail expected by the people who love ATLUS games and home console games,” said Hashino. “We haven’t determined yet what platform our new game will be, and I imagine this project will take a long time until completion. But we’ll be working hard at this challenge to truly deliver something new and incredible for all our fans.”  


Additional updates will appear on the official website in the future.



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