“Astro Boy” Remake “Pluto” to Tour the World for Tezuka’s 90th Birthday


In honor of what would be manga legend Osamu Tezuka’s 90th birthday, a new staging of Astro Boy spinoff PLUTO is returning to theaters. The new production has just revealed its cast, key visuals, and performance dates.


Originally penned by Yawara! creator Naoki Urasawa, PLUTO is a retelling of the “Greatest Robot on Earth” story arc from the original Astro Boy manga. Urasawa was supervised by Tezuka’s son Macoto in the creation of the manga, which puts a darker, murdery-mystery style spin on the arc. It is named for Pluto (known as Bruton in the US dub), the arc’s main villain.



The performance will be staged by Tokyo’s Bunkamura Theater Cocoon, the play’s original performance group.


The new lead cast consists of:


Atom: Mirai Moriyama (returning to the role)

Uran/Helena: Tao Tsuchiya

Gesicht: Shunsuke Daito

Professor Ochanomizu: Kazutoyo Yoshimi (returning to the role)

Abullah: Mitsuru Fukikoshi

Professor Tenma: Akira Emoto (returning to the role)



In PLUTO, a Europol robot named Gesicht investigates a string of murders that appear to be the work of another robot. The targets are the world’s seven greatest robots, as well as humans who fight for equal rights for robots.


The production is a mix of live-action actors and 3D special effects created via projection mapping.


The new production launches in Tokyo on January 6, after which it will be performed in London, the Netherlands, Belgium, and finally Osaka. 


>> Bunkamura Official Website

Source: Comic Natalie




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