“Assassination Classroom” TV Anime Second Season Premiere Set for January 7, 2016

The official website for the TV anime adaptationof Yusei Matsui’s Ansatsu Kyoushitsu/Assassination Classroom manga has announced that its highly anticipated second season will premiere on Fuji TV and Kansai TV on January 7, 2016. Official Streaming on the Japanese websites including Fuji TV On Demand will follow three days later, January 10. The 22-episode first season produced by Lerche was aired in Japan from January to June in 2015, and all of the main staff and voice cast are expected to return for the second season.  



Teaser for the second season



In addition, a time-limited official merchandise shop “Korosensei Shop Returns!” will open at Fuji TV’s

“Hachitama” Spherical Observation Room located on the 25th floor of its main building in Odaiba on

December 12.


CM for “Korosensei Shop Returns!”



2nd season main visual



Source: “Assassination Classroom” TV anime offcial website


(C) Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, Anime “Ansatsu Kyoushitsu” Production Committee