Artifacts #40 and American Legends #1 on 11/5!

Artifacts #40 and American Legends #1 on 11/5!

Buy print edition now

Buy print edition now

Artifacts #40 Cover

It’s the end of an era, Top Cow fans!

Artifacts #40 is here, and it’s one jam-packed send-off to an amazing comic series! This final issue contains a full story by Talent Hunt Winner Steven Foxe (illustrated by Talent Hunter Winner Adalor Alvarez), a backup story from Talent Runner-ups Jim Mitchel and Fabian Quintero, and to cap it all off, a mini-story from the man who started the Artifacts series, Ron Marz. It’s over-sized, over-the-top, and a fitting conclusion to a Top Cow flagship.

But every end is a new beginning, and this week also brings us the first issue of Top Cow’s new weekly series, American Legends! (Buy Digital, Buy Print) An action-packed adventure through American history, this five-issue weekly series follows Davy Crockett, Sally Thunder, and other American Legends as they follow Lewis and Clark into the American Frontier, as folk heroes and historical figures alike band together to thwart a devious plot hatched by Napoleon and the Voodoo Legend Marie Laveau!

Check out the previews below, and add the books to your pull!

Artifacts #40:

Artifacts #40 Page 4 Thumbnail

Artifacts #40 Page 5 Thumbnail

Artifacts #40 Page 6 Thumbnail

Artifacts #40 Page 7 Thumbnail

Artifacts #40 Page 8 Thumbnail

Artifacts #40 Page 9 Thumbnail

American Legends #1:

American Legends #1 Page 4 Thumbnail

American Legends #1 Page 5 Thumbnail

American Legends #1 Page 6 Thumbnail

American Legends #1 Page 7 Thumbnail

American Legends #1 Page 8 Thumbnail

American Legends #1 Page 9 Thumbnail

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