Are You Inspired??

How do you know if you’re fighting for Imagination or Reality? 

 We wake in the Real world, operate in the real world, and the battleground for Wonder takes place in the real world. How do we know when we are siding with the real world? 

The answer lies in your heart—metaphorically—in your volition—-metaphysically and in your inspiration literally. 

Wonder weaves its web into us through inspiration. An idea to bring forth is the call of Wonder. We beseech you, carry forth your inspirations!!!! 

This Wednesday we honor babylonthrum a Wonder Warrior who is truly inspired. Although the feeling of inspiration can’t be seen, those who are acting out of it are certainly visible. babylonthrum has displayed with their reblogs and posts that their volition stems from the realm of Imagination.

Long live babylonthrum!