“Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney” Gets Upgraded for Nintendo 3DS

Last month we posted about a South Korean media rating that hinted at a Nintendo 3DS port for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. That turned out to be the case, because Capcom popped up today with an official announcement. The digital-only release will be available in North America and Europe for $19.99 this November. 


The 3DS version features updated 3D visuals along with other 3DS-specific features, and text skip options will be available from the beginning. One of the most exciting updates to Apollo Justice is the option to switch not just between Japanese and English language options, but between entire versions. Here’s a sample of the subtle differences between the backgrounds, with English on top and Japanese below it. 



More screens: 


The story, for those who need a refresher:

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney takes place years after the events of the previous series title, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations, and consists of several compelling cases where the protagonist Apollo Justice must fight to defend his innocent clients accused of murder. Upon successfully completing the game’s first case, Apollo is asked to join disbarred attorney Phoenix Wright and work alongside Phoenix’s adopted daughter, Trucy. The pair go on to solve a series of quirky crimes including the theft of a noodle cart and the disappearance of a pair of magic panties!



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