“Anyuken!” Variety Show Takes You to Anime School


Get your Akiba culture fix with Anyuken!, a new variety show with a classroom aesthetic. Featuring rookie voice actors and guest lecturers, it promises “anime” and “amusement” mixed with the sorts of games and challenges Japanese variety shows have become famous for.


At the head of the class is MC (here, “student council president”) Riho Iida, probably best known to anime fans as Rin in the Love Live! multimedia franchise. Joniing her are rookie voice actresses Yurie Kozakai, Saori Murakita, and Hippo, all of whom are currently appearing in the anime series We Love Rice.

On board as research students are fresh faces Natsume Isawa, Ayami Tamura, Ayumi Nakamizo, and Kaede Yuuki.



Over the course of the series, “guest lecturers” will be stopping in to talk about the world of anime. First up are Aniplex president Koichiro Natsume and Kemono Friends producer Yoshitada Fukuhara.


The show’s ED will be Clione no Akari‘s “Sora wo Tobu Kaze,” performed by aki.


Anyuken! is in session July 12 at 10:15 pm on TOKYO MX.


Source: Ota-Suke, Anyuken.tv




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