Announcing: REDNECK!!

REDNECK is the southern-fried story of the Bowmans. They’re your average family of vampires deep in the heart of Texas, just struggling to survive a world that would love to see them burn.
When Donny Cates brought us the idea for REDNECK, we here at Skybound were absolutely blown away. To see how Donny managed to weave together horror and drama and action and so much more so deftly was an absolute treat. On REDNECK, Donny is writing like a true master of his craft (Haven’t you checked out God Country from Image yet!), and I’m delighted to let you have a front row seat to it.

To say that things are going to get violent and bloody and sad would most likely be the understatement of the century. Believe me when I say that you’ve never seen any series like this. To shamelessly steal a phrase from another Skybound series, by the end of this book you’re all going to be doing a lot of crying.

It would be impossible to talk about REDNECK without also bringing up the breathtaking art by the team of Lisandro Estherren and Dee Cunniffe. For a series like this, we wanted to make sure that the art could reflect both sides of the story; from the heart-wrenching family drama to the utter carnage featured throughout. Lisandro manages to depict both, all while making it look easy. Remember the name, because you’re going to be hearing it a lot in the future. And this book wouldn’t be complete without Dee’s gorgeous color work. Every single time I get colors in, I think to myself how lucky I am to be editing this book. Top it all off with the amazing lettering talents of Joe Sabino, and you have one of the best damn books you haven’t read yet. It hits stores April 19th, and the best way to get a copy is to pre-order with your local comic shop.

Until then, check out the attached preview pages and let them wash over you like a tidal wave of blood. It’s what the Bowman family would want.

Jon Moisan
Editor, Skybound

Announcing: REDNECK!!

Announcing: REDNECK!!   Announcing: REDNECK!!