Anison Singer Ray Announces Retirement in This Summer

26-year-old anison singer Ray announced on her official website yesterday on January 25 that she will retire from professional singer activities after her final concert that is scheduled to be held in this summer.


“The only talent that I have had since my childhood is singing, so I have enjoyed trying my best to make as many people as possible smile. But on the other hand, I have started wondering about my life and future since last year and thought, ‘What else can I do other than singing?’ In midst of this, I have found another big dream and have decided to try it,” she says in the official statement.



Ray made her professional singer debut from NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan with her 1st single “sign”

(Waiting in the Summer OP) in February 2012, and has released 9 singles and 3 original albums. She is

scheduled to hold her debut 5th anniversary concert at Showa Women’s University on February 19. Details

of her final concert will be announced later.



Ray single discography:


1st “sign” (February 8, 2012/Waiting in the Summer OP)

2nd “Rakuen PROJECT” (October 24, 2012/To Love-Ru Darkness OP)

3rd “Recall” (February 6, 2013/AMNESIA ED)

4th “lull -Soshite Bokuea wa-“ (October 30, 2013/Nagi no Asukara 1st OP)

5th “ebb and flow” (February 5, 2014/Nagi no Asukara 2nd OP)

6th “secret arms” (July 29, 2015/To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd OP)

7th “Hajimete Girls!” (August 26, 2015/Wakaba Girl OP)

8th “a-gain” (February 17, 2016/Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue ED)

9th “♡km/h” (November 2, 2016/Long Riders! OP)



1st single “sign” MV



9th single “♡km/h” MV



Source: Ray official website