Anison Dance Battle Championship First World Preliminaries Begin

The pioneers of anison dance, the Real Akiba Boyz (RAB), have risen. Anison dance is a way to sublimate anime culture from the point of view of dance and convey the love of anime and characters through dance. The Anison Dance Battle is an unbelievable battle of love!!! And the first-ever world championship is…Akiba Street.

Young girls, students, working adults—it doesn’t matter! Everyone who loves anime songs, come to Akiba Street! That is all!


For details on how to enter, please see the official site below.


The contest isn’t restricted to just dancing, anything is OK as long as it’s a video of a performance to a Japanese anime song, so why not try out and enter? Those who submit an amazing video that clears the preliminary round will be invited to perform in Japan at the finale and have their airfare and lodging paid for!


You have no reason not to enter.


Nov. 16 – Dec. 31, 2015
Jan. 17, 2016






This article originally appeared on Tokyo Otaku Mode