Anime Next 100 Project Plans “Anime Film Festival Tokyo” in October 2017

The Anime Next 100 project announced today on August 7 that a three-day event “Anime Film Festival Tokyo 2017” is set to be held in Tokyo on October 13, 14 and 15. The project was launched in November 2016 to celebrate the 100-year history of Japanese animation since 1917. 


The three-day event, organized by Anime Film Festival Tokyo Executive Committee and supported by The Association of Japanese Animations, is scheduled to be held in theaters in the Shinjuku area in Tokyo.


The program includes:


 1. Screenings of the latest and classic anime films

 2. Anime song live concerts

 3. Collaboration events and cafe

 4. Character parade

 5. Sales of original merchandise


Event logo


Anime Film Festival Tokyo Executive Committee Partner Companies:




 Avex Pictures


 Toei Animation

 TMS Entertainment

 Nippon Animation



Anime Next 100 project logo



Source: Anime Next 100 pres release