Animage Magazine Apologizes for “K: Return of Kings” Spoilers

Tokuma Shoten’s Animage monthly magazine released an apology to the staff and fans of the K: Return of Kings TV anime on its official website on November 10. It has been criticized for posting too much detailed spoilers for the upcoming story of the TV anime second season till its 10th episode in the section “ANIMATION WORLD” of the December 2015 issue published in Japan on November 10. 


At the same time with the release, the official Twitters of the anime and the seven-member group GoRA who have created the original story have asked fans not to read the article and not to spread the content, because it surely spoils the fun for the forthcoming episodes. According to Miyazawa, he has received an explanation that Animage was to blame for this case, for there were simple mistakes when handling the materials. On the other hand, Animage says that they are still investigating the cause of this situation.


The 7th episode of K: Return of Kings will be aired in Japan on November 13. 



Tweet by the leader of GoRA, Tatsuki Miyazawa



Tweet by the “K” anime official



via: Netlabo, Otakuma Keizai Shimbun