AMY CHU talks RED SONJA #5, on sale in MAY!

AMY CHU talks RED SONJA #5, on sale in MAY from Dynamite!

BYRON BREWER: In May, with issue #5, you are well into your saga of Sonja. How are you enjoying working on the She-Devil with this new spin? Have you discovered anything in writing the character that has surprised you?

AMY CHU: Oh, I love it. And yes, absolutely. I really felt a bit like Sonja at first with the first few scripts, trying to find her way through a new world. But then it really hit me, reading through some of the older Conan stuff- she’s not going to be fumbling around like a big Cimmerian dude. This is not her first time travel (or ours) – she’s smart, she’s adaptable, and she’s going to go with it, and have some fun too.

BB: This book has had some awesome covers, but inside Carlos Gomez has been hitting a new artistic stride! What is it like to see your script brought to reality when those pages start rolling in?

AC: I know, the covers have been so awesome! I just saw the one CP Wilson III did for Issue #5 in his super cute plush style. Love it. Yes, I don’t know if Carlos feels the same way, but I think it’s his best work ever. It’s a real gift to work with someone with his talent and discipline. He brings energy and expression to every page and panel, so it really is like seeing the story brought to life, everyday.

BB: I have seen differing versions of Kulan Gath, most notably Erik Mona’s in the recent Pathfinder: Worldscape co-starring Sonja and of course Chris Clairmont’s classic in X-Men, but YOUR Kulan Gath is truly a Level A villain. Give us your take on his character.

AC: Kulan Gath, like a lot of the other older baddies, was historically somewhat two dimensional. I just wanted to add more dimension and nuance, a Kulan Gath 2.0 if you will. I don’t want the character to be stuck in the past. I love that Carlos is giving him some panache too. You’ll see that more in Issue #4. He’s got a bit more devilishly stylish attitude.

BB: More motorcycle!

AC: You got it!

BB: Red Sonja’s new pals remind me of the Greek Chorus characters of the DC CW TV shows (Team Arrow, Team Flash, etc.). Tell us why characters like these were so important to Red as you brought her into this brave new NYC world.

AC: They’re important for so many reasons – not just to help Sonja out but also to give us more characters we can relate to. It just expands the story possibilities.

BB: How long is it going to be before Red Sonja meets Gene Simmons? And which KISS song would be the great opener theme for your “Red Sonja” action movie?

AC: Haha! I’m going to be at Wizard World Philly with him, so hopefully there are some Red Sonja cosplayers there too! I’m hearing War Machine as a soundtrack already……13025379805011