Alter Previews “Love Live!” and “Gundam Wing” Figures

At this weekend’s MegaHobby Expo 2015 Autumn, figure maker Alter’s MegaHouse collaboration label Alpha x Omega a Halloween version Love Live! School Idol Project Eri to showcase. The Primal Heart garage kit that this was based on sold for 269,500yen ($2,200) in an online auction earlier this year. Ms. Ayase was joined by figures of Maki and Nozomi from Alter’s own Love Live! School Idol Festival line.






Alpha x Omega also teased upcoming Gundam Wing Heero and Relena figures:


As well as iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Triad Primus


And from Alter:

Infinite Stratos Laura and Charlotte Nekomimi


To LOVEru Darkness Mea Kurosaki


Durararax2 Izaya


Saber Alter – Dress Ver.


Tales of’s Edna and Julius Will Kresnik



Strike Witches‘ Gertrude


Imagi Brilliant Park‘s Isuzu Sento


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