Add More Moore to Your Digital Reading

Thanks to ComiXology running a special sale this week on Avatar’s Alan Moore comics and graphic novels, you can add more Moore to your digital reading list for a fantastic introductory price.  This Alan Moore bundle includes 20 comics and one graphic novel for only $19.99.  The items included are:

-Neonomicon #1-4

-Fashion Beast #1-10

-Crossed +100 #1-6

-Another Suburban Romance GN

Add More Moore to Your Digital ReadingIf you ever wanted to sample Alan Moore’s Avatar books, this is a great way to get a lot “more” for a nice low price.  You can find the bundle of comics here:

Add More Moore to Your Digital ReadingAnd if you enjoy the digital editions, please stop in your local comic book shop to find the single issue comics and trade collections for your bookshelf.