A Slime Appears! Gyōda City’s Rice Straw Art Highlights “Dragon Quest”

The citizens of Gyōda City in Saitama Prefecture let nothing go to waste, which means when it’s time to harvest the rice used in their famous rice paddy art displays, the leftover rice straw is used in the most reasonable manner: to construct giant straw sculptures of the slimes from the Dragon Quest video games!



This year a group of volunteers (including city officials and students from Musashino Art University in Tokyo) constructed a pair of straw sculptures depicting the Slime and King Slime monsters from Square Enix’s venerable JRPG series. The Slime sculpture is 2 meters (6.6 feet) tall and 2.1 meters wide (6.9 feet), while the King Slime is a whopping 9.3 meters (30.5 feet) tall and 8.8 meters (28.9 feet) wide.


Both sculptures will be on display until March 26, 2017.


Source: Yahoo! News Japan via Otakomu


Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME! Anime Fun Time.