Tim Seeley Interviews Greg Pak About TUROK Writer Greg Pak discusses Turok and writing diverse characters. Writer Greg Pak has been redefining Turok for a whole new generation over at Dynamite. Tim Seeley interviewed Pak about his work on TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER and writing different types of characters. TIM SEELEY: Hey Greg! I think we’ve met a few times, including once when I drunkenly, and from a distance I mistook you for Joe Hill. Yeah…I know. Sigh. GREG PAK: I remember that! I kept walking, just to be on the safe side. Also, I am a coward. TS: Anyway, let’s talk TUROK! GP: Woo hoo! TS: Having the European arrival involve using dinosaurs as means of eradicating the native population…that seems like an ingenious parallel to Europeans arriving with smallpox infected blankets. Is it tough to manage the very serious aspects of what happened historically in a book that has to be about a bad ass dude fighting dinosaurs? GP: My favorite genre stories all work on multiple levels. On one level, MARTIAN CHRONICLES is about genocide. On one level, JAWS is about government corruption. I think science fiction and fantasy provide great areas to play with multiple themes like this. The trick is always to keep everything rooted in the characters and to never squish them around in weird ways to accommodate whatever theme you think you’re working on. Once you let a preconceived theme take over at the expense of emotional truth, the story becomes a tedious “message” piece that no one really wants to read. TS: Turok has been “rebooted” a number of times, and has transitioned from …Read More Here