A Brief History of KyoAni’s Christmas Decorations

It’s around that time of year when the streets are bright with lights from your neighbors’ outdoor decorations. But no matter how many musical Santas they put up, they’d be hard pressed to compete with KyoAni’s annual decking of their headquarters. This year, unsurprisingly, they’ve gone with an unabashedly Sound! Euphonium theme:



Prior to this, they went fairly generic minus banners for upcoming releases:


A Brief History of KyoAni's Christmas Decorations


And prior to that, they weren’t even much bothering with the banners.


A Brief History of KyoAni's Christmas Decorations


Some fans suspect that the degree to which they decorate is directly proportional to how well they’re doing as a business — and with Sound! Euphonium as popular as it is, fans are unsurprised that not only have KyoAni upped their lighting game, but that they’ve also dedicated this year’s decorations to their hit show.


Source: Otakomu.jp




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