“Sonic Forces” Footage Springs Through Classic Green Hill Zone

Watch Classic Sonic do what he does best

Green Hill Zone will forever be revisited in new Sonic the Hedgehog games, and Sonic Forces is no exception. In that case, who better to take us on a tour of the latest version than Classic Sonic? The footage below was previously teased during a Nintendo Direct presentation earlier this month, so check out the rest of the path Sonic takes after the jump. 

“God Wars: Future Past” Strategy Game Previewed in Sixth Full Promo

Strategy-RPG hits PS4 and PS Vita in the west this June

Kadokawa Games put more mythical characters and folklore-based scenarios on display in the latest promo for God Wars: Future Past, a strategy-RPG that’s coming to PS4 and PS Vita in Japan and the west this June. Dig into the latest footage, including a sample of story moments and gameplay, in the video after the jump. 

Crunchyroll Adds More “ReLife,” “Nanbaka,” and “Piacevole” Manga

New volumes go live worldwide today at 5:00pm Pacific Time

Crunchyroll has some fresh manga launching later today, with new volumes of ReLifeNanbaka, and Piacevole ~My Italian Cooking~ set to debut at 5:00pm Pacific Time. Each of these volumes are available to Crunchyroll members worldwide. Read on for more. 

第7回『ニーア オートマタ』公式生放送@SQUARE ENIX CAFE | SQUARE ENIX Presents JAPAN

アクションRPG『ニーア オートマタ』の最新情報を、第2期コラボイベント実施中の東京秋葉原「SQUARE ENIX CAFE」より生放送でお届けします。また、今回の放送の打ち上げの模様をニコニコ生放送… 第7回『ニーア オートマタ』公式生放送@SQUARE ENIX CAFE 本日20時から放送開始予定!

Bushiroad Sets the Stage for “Shoujo Kageki☆ Review Starlight” Project

New mixed media project in conjunction with Nelke Planning includes an upcoming TV anime and a 2.5D stageplay

Bushiroad and Nelke Planning Co. Ltd. are joining forces for a new mixed media project that combines TV animation and a live-action musical stage play entitled Shoujo Kageki☆ Review Starlight in which nine young women will compete to become a star. Hit the jump to learn more.

Bill Willingham’s Elementals Coming To Dynamite?

Abbreviated from Bleeding Cool:

…intellectual property lawyer Michael Lovitz, who specialises in comic books and entertainment industries, has recently registered a trademark for The Elementals on behalf of Dynamite Characters, the IP company associated with Nick Barrucci and…

FEATURE: Cruising the Crunchy-Catalog: “Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-“

“One of these Braves is not like the others. One of these Braves just doesn’t belong.”

This week on “Cruising the Crunchy-Catalog”, we put on our thinking caps as we take a look at Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers- a 2015 fantasy TV anime based on a series of genre-blending light novels. Hit the jump to explore the mystery.