Uber Invasion Enters Second Phase

In a week’s time, the response to the Uber Invasion Kickstarter has been overwhelming.  Comic book fans have been flocking to Kieron Gillen’s alternate history war epic to help bring the project to fruition on Kickstarter.  The result has seen … Continue reading

Warren Ellis talks James Bond #9, on sale now

Warren Ellis talks James Bond #9, on sale now from Dynamite.

BYRON BREWER: Warren, when you started your second arc of this book with “EIDOLON,†I thought the feel would be the same since it is indeed Ian Fleming’s Bond you are bringing us. But the pace and pulse of this adventure are totally…

Interview: John Allison on ‘Bad Machinery’ — Good Comics for Kids

Interview: John Allison on ‘Bad Machinery’ — Good Comics for Kids: Check out School Library…

Silicon Valley Comic Con Heads to Japan in December of 2016

International pop culture event will be held at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba City

Hold onto your hats, true believers, because the first ever Tokyo Comic Con is coming to the Makuhari Messe convention center in Mihama Ward, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture on December 03 – 04, 2016. Hit the jump to excelsior.

Marvel’s Luke Cage Is Bulletproof In This New Clip

Luke Cage throws down in a new clip for his upcoming Netflix Original Series! Luke Cage heads to a boxing gym looking for someone, and is confronted with guns and punches. Another fight, another shirt destroyed. He’s about sick of buying new cloth…

“Berserk” Anime Ending Single Release Promoted With English Version

Single released in Japan today

Today, Japan gets the release of a single for Nagi Yanagi’s Berserk end theme, “Meimoku no Kanata,” composed by Shiro Sagisu and arranged by Sagisu and CHOKKAKU. The disc also features an English version translated by Chika and B-side “Kimi Mikuri.” Promoting this, Warner Bros. Japan has posted a video preview of the English version.

If You Love ‘Great British Bake Off’, Try These Comics Next

If You Love ‘Great British Bake Off’, Try These Comics Next: @comicsalliance recommends SPACE BATTLE…

Plan Out The Season Ahead With Latest Fall 2016 Anime Chart

It’s definitely a season of sequels and follow-ups!

There are definitely anticipated, new manga adaptations next season (March Comes in Like a Lion, Drifters), and definitely originals coming (Izetta, ClassicaLoid). That said, with more Iron-Blooded Orphans, more Haikyuu!!, more Strike Witches, Mysterious Joker 4, Natsume’s Book of Friends 5, and Teekyuu 8, it’s definitely a season of sequels and follow-ups. Survey it all with the latest chart after the jump.

Black Panther’s Pride: Red Zone

Read through some of T’Challa’s most thrilling adventures on Marvel Unlimited to mark Black Panther’s 50th anniversary!

The Avengers might be old hands at dealing with huge, seemingly undefeatable villains, but even they take pause at a flesh-eating, death-bringing bacterial attack unleashed at Mount Rushmore as seen in AVENGERS #6570 from 2003. That doesn’t stop Captain America, Warbird, She-Hulk, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Jack of Hearts, and Scott “Ant-Man” Lang from braving the contaminated area—called the Red Zone—and doing everything they can to not only save the victims of the attack, but also figure out the person or group behind it.

While they act in the field, Iron Man and Black Panther attempt to use their considerable scientific resources to find a cure for the fatal affliction, going so far as to steal samples from the government after Secretary of Defense Dell Rusk dismisses the heroes from helping.

Eventually, the away team relays information to Stark about the intent of the bacteria: to kill non-Caucasians. The research scientists soon discover, though, that people aren’t that different on a genetic level, so it basically attacked everyone. Stark shares this info with T’Challa who also allowed his scientists to share information with Tony.

Thanks to an ambush, though, the two heroes become captives of the bacteria’s mastermind. Far from powerless, though, Stark calls in an Iron Man suit that arrives just in time for them to break out and bust into Dell Rusk’s office where the Secretary of Defense turns out to be a disguised Red Skull who already captured Falcon, attacked Peter Gyrich and had Captain America on the ropes!

T’Challa leapt to attack Red Skull while Iron Man tried to save Cap and Falcon. Skull knocked his opponent out a window before explaining that he would blame the bacteria on Wakanda. After pulling himself back into the battleground, Panther pulls off his gloves and promises, “I’m going to break your jaw.”

The king of Wakanda kept that promise, no small feat given the fact that this version of the Skull lived inside a cloned body of Captain America himself. Before punching part of the villain’s face off, though, T’Challa gave a powerful speech. “You underestimated too many men and woman today. Counting them out because gender and race. As much as it sickens me—I’ve been thinking like you lately. But I’m through.”

From there, T’Challa saves Captain America and Iron Man, takes blood from the Skull to recreate the antidote in his system and signs an agreement with Stark to share scientific data. Just another day or two in the life of the Black Panther!

Secrets of Wakanda

If you get the feeling that Tony Stark and T’Challa didn’t get along too well in the early 2000’s, you’re not far off, but they always seemed to share respect for one another. Iron Man understandably didn’t appreciate when Black Panther revealed that he originally joined the Avengers to spy on them, but he still used his extensive fortune to buy up all available shares of Wakandan Design Group stock when the leader played with the economy to put a stop to Killmonger’s plans in BLACK PANTHER #19. This wasn’t a power play or an attempt to get his hands on Vibranium, but simply a way to protect his teammate’s kingdom!

DYNAMIC FORCES Interview: Superheroes go all medieval in Ted Naifeh’s Night’s Dominion

DYNAMIC FORCES Interview: Superheroes go all medieval in Ted Naifeh’s Night’s Dominion: Check out…

New Details for ‘DC All Access’ Streaming Event on September 2


Hatsune Miku Celebrates 9th Birthday with New Software Release

Other birthday activities include a streaming event on Niconico, an album release, and more

Today marks the 9th birthday of Hatune Miku – the world-famous Vocaloid virtual idol whose first iteration of software was released on August 31, 2007 – and this year’s celebrations include the release of the Hatsune Miku V4X software, a 9th anniversary album, and more. Hit the jump to learn more.

Marvel NOW! Hear This: Daredevil

Lawyer by day, hero by night. For many readers, these roles define both Matt Murdock and his Daredevil persona. Since his move back to the East Coast under writer Charles Soule and artist Ron Garney’s tenure on DAREDEVIL, however, the scarlet defender can add a new title to his illustrious resume: teacher.

Over the years, Daredevil patrolled the streets and rooftops of NYC on his own, but under the All New, All Different direction of Soule and Garney, the Man Without Fear brought a new sidekick along for the ride in Blindspot, which no doubt brings a host of new challenges to the hero of Hell’s Kitchen.

We sat down to talk with series scribe Soule about the direction he and Garney took Daredevil upon relaunching the series and where they’ll be heading as Marvel NOW! gets underway.

Marvel.com: Charles, we all know you practice law in addition to writing numerous comics. I assume it was only a matter of time before you came to DAREDEVIL. As you move toward the end of your first year on the title, what surprised you about writing “The Man Without Fear”?

Charles Soule: Well, I never like to think of it as inevitable that I’d be on this title. It’s definitely a dream come true, but I still feel very lucky to be writing Matt Murdock’s adventures for a while. As far as surprises—the truth is that I thought the book would be more legal than it actually is. I haven’t written a big legal procedural yet in the title. The law is a huge backdrop, especially with Matt’s new job in the Manhattan DA’s office, but I haven’t shined a huge spotlight on it yet. That’s coming, though; if you’re waiting with bated breath for a big Matt Murdock court scene…it’s coming!

Marvel.com: In many regards, your run brings Daredevil back to his roots following the time spent on the West Coast. Fighting crime by day in the district attorney’s office and by night as a super hero, readers find Matt Murdock back where they knew him best. We’re also seeing old enemies return like the Hand.

Why did you find it necessary to reset the game board, if you will, with your run?

Charles Soule: I think one of the great things about Marvel’s cast of characters is that by and large, they’re very flexible, and each new creative team gets to reinvent them through their own lens. I loved the run that preceded mine, with incredible work from Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin, Matt Wilson, and their other collaborators, but I wanted to put a different stamp on things. A big key for that was returning Matt’s secret identity. Once that was back in the bottle, many other things became possible.

Marvel.com: On the other hand, Matt’s always worked in an independent law practice and now we see him as an agent of the government. He was always an independent super hero, but now he has Blindspot as a sort of sidekick. What was your thinking behind these shifts?

Charles Soule: I don’t think Matt sees himself as an agent of the government; more an agent of the law, which, in a way, transcends governments. Governments are subject to the laws they enact—no one is above them. For Matt, working as a prosecutor is just about making the world safer by night and by day; it made sense to him, after everything he’s been through recently. It’s also possible that there’s a big plan behind his work in the DA’s office…but time will tell.

As far as Blindspot, I wanted to redefine Matt a little, and seeing him as a teacher, in the “Stick” role, felt fresh and new to me. Plus, it lets me introduce a really cool new character to the Daredevil family. Blindspot—Samuel Chung—is one of my favorite creations of my career, and I’ve got some very interesting twists and turns planned for him. He’ll be a big part of the story going forward. I actually saw my first cosplay of Blindspot not long ago; as any creator will tell you, there’s no rush quite like that.

Marvel.com: This month also sees DAREDEVIL kick off its next story arc, “Dark Art,” where we’ll encounter a serial killer intent on turning his victims into works of art. Although DAREDEVIL has a history of going into dark places, this seems pretty heavy stuff, no? What drew you down this dark path?

Charles Soule: I think there are very few super hero comics where themes like this can be explored, but DAREDEVIL is definitely one of them. I’ve had the idea of the main villain of this arc—a new guy named Muse—in my head for a long time. He’s an artist, and feels that any hurt or harm he causes in the world is justified as long as it’s done in the service of creating his pieces. I think that’s a real danger for artists/creators, and I wanted to explore it. Obviously, Muse is a metaphor for the way some artists approach their lives, but I think we’ve gotten some rich storytelling out of it. And man, he looks cool; Ron Garney and Matt Milla outdid themselves there.

Marvel.com: Of course, we’ll be launching Marvel NOW! this fall, which will take place in the midst of the “Dark Art” storyline. How do you see this arc fitting within the greater publisher-wide initiative?

Charles Soule: Marvel NOW! is all about introducing new characters and ideas, and redefining existing characters in new ways. “Dark Art” is all about that: we get an amazing new bad guy, and things really take a turn for both Blindspot and Daredevil. Many, many things get launched from this arc—not to be missed.

Marvel.com: As we wrap up here, what has you most excited about DAREDEVIL in the months leading up to, during, and after Marvel NOW! kickoff?

Charles Soule: I have to say, it’s been amazing to work with Ron, Matt and the other artists who have been helping me bring this new chapter in Daredevil’s story to life. Matteo Buffagni, Goran Sudzuka, Lee Bermejo, Clayton Cowles, and many others are making Daredevil’s streets pulse with the darkness and neon that make them feel alive. I can write a scene, fine, I’m happy with it…but then when I see what these guys do—it’s magic, every time. I’m also just thrilled that I get to be a steward of DAREDEVIL for a while. We’re building to something huge, and I think long-time and new readers will be pretty excited when the pieces start to come together.

Get the latest on Marvel NOW! via Marvel.com and our social channels!

Wheelie’s Thoughts on Pizza: “Yuck, prefer…

Wheelie’s Thoughts on Pizza: “Yuck, prefer hamburgers and steak.”

Marvel Cosplay Spotlight: Thanos by Prizmatec Cosplay!

Marvel Cosplay Spotlight: Thanos by Prizmatec Cosplay!

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Black Widow

Striking from the shadows, Black Widow takes out high priority targets while the Avengers steamroll the enemy front line! D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin dropped by tell us all about the new Natasha and what she brings to “Marvel Puzzle Quest.”

Marvel.com: Black Widow has 1, 2, and 3 star variations already, why are you guys skipping right up to a 5 star? We need a 4 star! Think of the completists!

Josh Austin: The [“Captain America: Civil War”] movie brought us a 5 star Iron Man and a 5 star Captain America to the world of “Marvel Puzzle Quest.” The perfect complement to these characters is a 5 star Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff). She’s an important fighting force on the Avengers, and adding a Marvel Cinematic Universe variation of Black Widow to the game was an exciting opportunity to help build from the big screen. But for now, who knows, maybe there will be a 4 star variation in the future. For right now, this variation fits the theme, just in time for the Digital HD release of the movie.

Marvel.com: What makes Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) different than the other versions of the deadly assassin? What inspired this Natasha?

Josh Austin: Black Widow’s abilities focus on the awesome movie moments that brought her more supportive characteristics out. She is able to sabotage enemy plans, take out enemies by targeting their weakness, and when one of her teammates is stunned, she stuns back.

Marvel.com: Is it difficult designing new kits for existing characters and making them feel totally unique?

Josh Austin: With basically the Marvel Universe available for the creative team to choose from, there are lots of characters and variations that can be chosen. Even as we speak, we get word of new possibilities through all the different Marvel happenings that we could include on some of our favorite characters. So there is definitely no shortage of possibilities to choose from. With the various star differences, we can play with these variations a bit more, so for a 5 star variation we can showcase some more of the destructive abilities that allows us to push the character even further.

Marvel.com: Tell us a little about this new Natasha’s kit. What does she do differently than her other variations?

Josh Austin: Natasha’s first ability, Tell Me Everything costs 12 Purple AP. Black Widow finds the enemy’s secrets and dismantles their carefully laid plans. She deals 557 damage and removes up to 3 random enemy Strike, Protect or Countdown tiles. This costs 1 AP less for each enemy Countdown tile on the board (minimum cost of 7 AP).

Her second ability, Acrobatic Takedown, costs 12 Red AP. Black Widow turns her enemy’s strength against them and strikes. It deals 2787 damage and if the enemy has at least 12 AP in any color, it deals an additional 1505 damage. If this downs an enemy, it also destroys 4 enemy AP in a random color.

Her last ability is called Red in My Ledger for 10 Black AP. Black Widow pays her debts. Deals 2090 damage. If any allies are below 20% health, drain 2 random enemy AP and deals an extra 1588 damage. It also comes packed with a passive! Whenever one of Black Widow’s allies is stunned, she stuns a random enemy for one turn.

Marvel.com: I’m guessing we can’t team her up with her other selves. That’d probably be a little crazy, but who benefits from her abilities? What kind of synergies does she have with the rest of the cast?

Josh Austin: Natasha is a great support character, so really the best team-up would be with anyone that hits hard and can generate Black AP. In my opinion I’d focus on a 5/3/5 to get the most out of Tell Me Everything, if you can get it down to 7 it hits hard for very little AP, then her third ability can hopefully get you out of situations by stealing AP from the enemy.

I’m also a big fan of stunning an enemy that stunned someone on my team. Her Tell Me Everything ability will really destroy the opponents plans when using Green Goblin’s Trick or Treat, Steve Rogers’ (First Avenger’s Earth’s Mightiest Heroes), Iron Man (Mark XLVI)’s House Party Protocol and the like which creates a lot of countdown tiles, bringing the cost down of her ability, dealing 10,752 damage for 7 AP if there are 5 Countdown tiles and removing a number of special tiles.

Marvel.com: When do we get to recruit her for ourselves?

Josh Austin: Starting tomorrow on September 1, the 5 star Black Widow will be available in a special Civil War Legendary pack called the Black Room Pack. This pack gives the player a 10% chance to get one of her covers. Players can earn these packs from performing well in the event or additional packs can be purchased with 25 Command Points. 

Take Natasha into battle soon and stay tuned to Marvel.com for more “Marvel Puzzle Quest” news and interviews.

Proposed “Oreimo” Life-Sized Ayase Figure Skirts The Line Of Good Taste

This week, the celebrations around the 10th anniversary of light novel author Fushimi Tsukasa’s debut continued with a Nico webcast

This week, the celebrations around the 10th anniversary of light novel author Fushimi Tsukasa’s debut continued with a Nico webcast helping to decide on a FIGUREX life-sized Oreimo statue. With Ayase Aragaki winning out over Kirino and Kuroneko, the next step was to pick a pose. And, presented to the fans, Ayase’s provocative handling of her skirt got quite a reaction.

Pint Size Heroes: Interview with Artist Greg Ham

Pint Size Heroes: Interview with Artist Greg Ham

Where did the idea for Pint Size Heroes come from?

The idea for Pint Size Heroes came from Brian Mariotti. Back in February Butcher explained to me Brian’s idea and asked me to stop what I was doing and create concepts for a new line that would showcase super cute stylized figures packed with personality. I dived in right away because the opportunity to design a brand new line was super exciting and I already had something in mind.

What was the biggest challenge of deciding how Pint Size Heroes should look?

The biggest challenge was creating a design aesthetic that would pack a wallop of personality into a pint size 1.5 inches.  All the personality was going to be in the facial expression since we knew that the body was going to be standardized. To achieve the desired amount of cute with personality I revisited a series of pop-culture noggins that I had been creating since 2007 in my free time as fan art. The noggins were very minimal in detail but big in personality and design but needed a few tweaks to bring them in line with the Funko brand. Once the style of the heads was captured there were multiple attempts at various body styles but ultimately the Dorbz body was already perfect. With a dash of awesome Art Direction from Butcher and Wilky, and a couple adjustments of the head and body proportions, the Pint Size Heroes were born.

It is definitely worth mentioning that creating the Pint Size Heroes was a team effort. In addition to the amazing Art Direction I had lots of encouragement from Brian and my co-workers. But a ton of credit absolutely must go to Darcy Harlan for taking my design concepts (pictured below), which she wasn’t quite used to, and creating amazing 3D sculpts. When she showed me the designs in 3D form for the first time I was blown away because they were super cute and completely captured all the personality we were striving for.

How long did it take to create the first three series?

Once we had the style locked down and the 3D sculpt forms decided upon for the male and female forms it took about three weeks to design the concepts and full body turns for each series.  

If you could create a set of Pint Size Heroes for any license, which would you pick?

Please don’t make me pick just one. I would love to do a set for Hanna Barbera, many more in the Marvel Universe, the best of Cartoon Network (Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory, We Bear Bears, Teen Titans Go etc.), Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, and Adventure Time.

Which Pint Size Hero is your favorite?

I was really happy with how Green Goblin turned out!

Experience a Marvel Swimsuit Special

On the latest episode of Thwip! The Big Marvel Show, the gang celebrates the end of summer, and that means a look back at the Marvel Swimsuit Specials of yesteryear!Not sure what we mean? Watch the episode above and then enjoy the gallery below…


“Rebirth” Results in Record-Shattering Sales for Publisher

Eleven issues topped 200,000, more than 60 issues exceeded 100,000 and