Range Murata Designs Become Reality Again With A New Postman Bag

An earlier version was offered in 2002

The distinctive Art Deco meets Japanese designs of Range Murata have been turned into physical items a few times in the past. The postman bags have now been revised in an improved set to Type 2 leather bags, now with thicker strap for comfortably carrying the item without damaging clothes and a new nylon pouch for mobile phones and similar accessories.


Writer: Simon Spurrier Artist: Dylan Burnett Cover Artists: Dylan Burnett, David Rubín, Daniel Warren Johnson Format: 32 pages, full color Price: $3.99 Diamond Order Code: #1 – MAR161176 On sale: #1 – May 4, 2016 in comic book shops Synopsis: What’s to Love: From The Godfather to …

Seven Seas Licenses “Re:Monster” Manga

The first volume will be released on November 8, 2016

Seven Seas had a manga license to announce for Leap Year Day with news that they picked up fantasy manga series, Re:Monster—written by Kanekiru Kogitsune, and illustrated by Kobayakawa Haruyoshi. Based on a popular light novel series,  they describe it as the newest tale of reincarnation and survival in another world, but with a spin: the protagonist begins life anew as a voracious goblin. More after the jump.

Magnetic Press & Kinokuniya Announce Exclusive Golem Variant Cover

Magnetic Press and world famous Japanese international bookstore chain Books Kinokuniya are proud to announce the Kinokuniya variant cover edition of GOLEM.  Printed in a limited run, this special edition with a brand new cover by LRNZ will be available exclusively at Kinokuniya bookstores. LRNZ had this to say about about the Kinokuniya variant: “I love Japanese…

The Best Models, Figures, and Cosplay from Winter Wonder Festival!

New products from Good Smile, Max Factory, and Nendroid featured

Wonder Festival is one of Japan’s biggest fan shows for otaku-themed hobbies and figures. The recent winter 2016 installment hit hard with plenty of anime and manga inspired items to peer at, along with a selection of cool cosplayers to admire. Enjoy a 15 min. + reel of highlights after the jump!




Mad Max: Fury Road won big at the Oscars last night, taking home six of the statues it was nominated for: Best Film Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Production Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Sound Editing and Best…

Awww yuss, the Oni crew is representing today with our new hats!

Awww yuss, the Oni crew is representing today with our new hats!

Go Behind the Battle in New Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War

Experience what went into filming the upcoming epic Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” with new images from the set! Check out the photos above and see the film in theaters May 6.In “Captain America: Civil War,” governments around the world hold Ear…

Now is Your Chance to Get Three for 3 Comics!

They’re the comics everyone is talking about, and now is your chance to hop on board before you get left in the dust!

Marvel is proud to announce
TIMELY COMICS, a new publishing initiative, debuting this June! Timely Comics is a new imprint of titles specifically designed to get you caught up with hot new Marvel titles.

Reprinting the first three issues of select titles at a suggested retail price of $3.00,
TIMELY COMICS will take you on a path through the restored Marvel Universe! Whether it’s the formation of the Avengers, Daredevil’s fight for Chinatown, or the birth of the Totally Awesome Hulk, TIMELY COMICS has it all and so much more!

Look for these
TIMELY COMICS coming to comic shops throughout the month of June:


The titles that sold out everywhere and burned up the charts are back, so don’t miss out on them now! Your favorite new series awaits, get 72 giant pages of action, adventure and excitement with
TIMELY COMICS – three issues for just $3.00!

Valiant Debuts Official 4001 A.D. Checklist Insert in March 2016 PREVIEWS – In Stores Now!

The blockbuster crossover event of the summer is hitting shelves early with an advance sneak peek in Diamond Comics Distributors’ March 2016 PREVIEWS catalog – in stores now! Before 4001 A.D. #1 (of 4) arrives in stores on May 4th, get the jump on the blistering new comics event uniting Rai with the greatest heroes […]

The 21 Best Quotes From ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ – ‘The Edge of Mystery’ & ‘A Little Song and Dance’

For the second week, we got two “Marvel’s Agent Carter” episodes in a row with “The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance” airing back to back. With Peggy Carter and her team of friends and uneasy alliances racing against the clock to stop Whitney Frost and Jason Wilkes from opening another portal with Zero Matter, the loyalty and character of all were tested.

Jarvis, in particular, showed us a side of him we’ve never seen before, and his friendship with Peggy almost came to blows in his quest of vengeance for Ana. Jack Thompson, meanwhile, continued to play everyone, and it’s not clear whether he’s a friend or enemy–but he’s definitely not to be trusted. There’s also still that little matter of Daniel Sousa still being completely in love with Peggy. And in case that wasn’t enough, we got a musical number, too–who knew Sousa had such a pair of pipes on him?

It was a lot to process. To catch you up for tomorrow’s season finale, here are the 21 best quotes from last week’s “Marvel’s Agent Carter”!

1. “Lift the chorus, speed it onward, loud her praises tell, hail to thee our Alma Mater! Hail, all hail, Cornell!” [singing drunkenly] – Jack Thompson, pretending to be drunk and pulling a fast one on his London connection in order to gather dirt on Peggy Carter. Also, who knew Jack Thompson was Ivy League material?

2. “I will protect you to my dying day.” – Jarvis, making another promise Ana knows he can’t keep.

3. “You’re perfect.” – Jarvis to Ana in the hospital, breaking our hearts and giving us all the feels.

4. “You don’t need to cut corners to get ahead. You’re better than that.” – Peggy Carter to Jack Thompson, simultaneously making an appeal to his better nature and making him feel about two inches tall.

5. Whitney Frost: “What do you think of my research?” Jason Wilkes: “I think you’re a mass murderer of rats.” – Well…he’s not wrong.

6. “ Jack, what’s happened and what’s true are two different things.” – Vernon Masters, giving Jack Thompson a lesson on what it’s really like to play politics at a high level.

7. “Samberly, one day I’m going to kill you.” – Daniel Sousa, who has about reached the end of his rope with his chief inventor, but at least he’s hilarious about it.

8. Whitney Frost: “Ah, such a pity. That two accomplished women should be standing on opposite sides.” Peggy Carter: “Yes, you’re such a staunch defender of the womanhood. I can tell by the way you shot an unarmed, innocent woman.” – In the battle of trading barbs, that’s Peggy Carter – 1, Whitney Frost – 0.

9. Daniel Sousa: [to Peggy] “So if the situation was reversed, that’s what you would’ve done? Let him shoot me?” Jack Thompson: “If it makes a difference…I’d have let him blow you both away.” – Jack ending a potential lover’s spat with what might have been the quote of the episode.

10. “Who does Peggy have? Only you.” – Ana Jarvis urging her husband to leave her bedside and help Peggy, reminding us why she’s wonderful. 

11. “I want her to pay for what she did to us.” –Jarvis, showing a ruthlessness that we never before suspected.

12. Jack Thompson: “You trust me?” Daniel Sousa: “Not at all.” Jack Thompson: “Good enough.” – Jack and Daniel, showing us they’ll pretty much never be besties.

13. “DO AS PEGGY SAYS!” [in unison]– Daniel and Jack finally embracing the life philosophy they should have been living by for two seasons now.

14. “What about me?!” – Whitney Frost watching her plans go completely awry as Jason Wilkes got sucked into the portal and not her–and also sounding crazier than she’s ever been.

15. “’We walk?’ ‘We walk?’ This is your grand plan? Throw me from a moving vehicle only to kill me in an inferno?! What a magnificent idea! What skill! What grace under fire! You’ve really proven your worth to God and county this time, Agent Carter!” – Jarvis, losing his mind a little bit in the aftermath.

16. Peggy Carter: “Leaving Dottie with Whitney Frost would’ve been tantamount to murderer and unlike you, I’m not a murderer, Mr. Jarvis!” Jarvis: “And yet everyone around you dies. I’m sorry, I…I know I shouldn’t have said that.” – Peggy and Jarvis showing that the people who love you most can hurt you the worst as their friendship is stretched to its breaking point.

17. Peggy: “You have begged me to bring you on my adventures since I arrived in Los Angeles, and that’s what they are to you–larks, an enjoyable way to spend the evening. And then you go home to another man’s mansion, listening to your radio shows, blissful in your self-imposed ignorance. And when there is a consequence–a horrid ugly consequence–you blame me for the choices that you have made. Yes, Mr. Jarvis, there is a cost–one that I have paid for a hundred times over. Your–your wife will survive. You can go on in your life knowing nothing of loss. Lucky you.” – Peggy to Jarvis…their friendship leveled up this episode in some very brutal ways.

18. “Ah, Agent Carter. You are one resilient—“ –Vernon Masters, just before Peggy cold-cocked him and knocked him to the ground.

19. “Our job is keeping people safe. If that means using Vernon to take down a lady who kills people with black space goop, that’s what’s gonna happen.” – Daniel Sousa, reminding Peggy of their fundamental duty as SSR agents.

20. “That wasn’t Zero Matter. That was me.” – Jason Wilkes to Peggy, showing her once again that her idealism blinds her.

21. “I’m doing what needs to be done.” – Jack Thompson, because what needed to be done was apparently blowing up Wilkes, Whitney Frost, and Vernon Masters.

Don’t miss the Season 2 finale of “Marvel’s Agent Carter” Tuesday at 9:00 PM ET on ABC!

Nearly 1 Million Copies Ordered for Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day 2016 is the perfect excuse to dive into the Marvel Universe. With two can’t miss titles – FCBD CIVIL WAR II #1 and FCBD CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 – Marvel is bringing the best creators and the boldest stories to the festivities.

But first, Marvel is pleased to announce that Free Comic Book Day orders have totaled nearly 1 million units, and we’re celebrating by providing fans with their first look at the four stories waiting for them on May 7.

“Year after year, Free Comic Book Day has proven to be one of our most successful tools for engaging fans and the industry with things on the horizon for the Marvel Universe,” says Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “With ‘Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War’ film hitting theaters that same weekend, we’re excited to give fans a peek into the upcoming Civil War II comic event as well as the new CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS series. Plus some exciting happenings for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS.”

Featuring only brand new content, Free Comic Book Day is your first taste of the massive events, storylines and new series set to debut later this year!

First, FCBD CIVIL WAR II #1 ignites the fuse of the blockbuster comics event of 2016. Be there as Brian Michael Bendis and Jim Cheung beat the drums of war and fire the opening shots! Then, don’t miss the exciting second story of that issue as Mark Waid and Alan Davis introduce you to the all-new Wasp! Who is she? And what does it mean for the All-New, All-Different Avengers?

Then, pick up the shield as Steve Rogers steps back into the spotlight in FCBD CAPTAIN AMERICA #1. The original Sentinel of Liberty has returned, be there for one of his first missions back on the job – brought to you by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz!

Finally, Dan Slott and Javier Garron bring you the prelude to “Dead No More,” this year’s Earth-shattering AMAZING SPIDER-MAN storyline!

“We’re so thrilled to be able to bring our biggest guns to this year’s Free Comic Book Day stories,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing, David Gabriel. “Thank you to retailers for their support in ordering nearly one million copies of these titles and continuing to bring new fans into stores. Believe us, all four of these stories across both issues will set up some big things to come in the Marvel Universe. You won’t be disappointed.”

Want to be on the front lines of what’s happening in the Marvel Universe this year? Then you don’t want to miss these! Make yours Marvel with FCBD CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 and FCBD CIVIL WAR II #1, available exclusively in comic shops on May 7!
Only in Comic Shops May 7

Only in Comic Shops May 7

Guitar Wolf Unleashes 12th Full Album “Tyrannosaurus Yojyohan”

11 track “jet rock” album hits Japanese music stores on May 11, 2016

Guitar Wolf, the veteran “jet rock” band that also starred in the 1999 zombie horror / comedy Wild Zero, is releasing their 12th full album, entitled Tyrannosaurus Yojyohan – T-Rex from a Tiny Space, on May 11, 2016. Hit the jump to rock and roll.

Mobile Apps Are Coming!

When we announced FunimationNow in January, lots of fans were immediately excited about our new mobile apps – with good reason! The development team has put in an incredible amount of work, and we’re starting to see this first step of the FunimationNow journey come to life.   We want to make sure we’re putting […]

friedpiecomics: Interview with Kieron Gillen of The Wicked +…


Interview with Kieron Gillen of The Wicked + The Divine

The Wicked + The Divine is an Eisner Award-nominated modern fantasy where gods are the ultimate pop stars and pop stars are the ultimate gods. On April 12, the Fried Pie variant for The Wicked + The Divine: Year One will hit shelves. To celebrate, we had a conversation with Kieron Gillen, the main writer.

What’s the writing process like between you and Jamie? Does his art affect your writing or vise versa?
It’s very intimate and sensual, yet innocent and joyous. We are akin to two seals frolicking in balmy waters.

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Meet the Cast of The CW’s ‘RIVERDALE’ Pilot!

The news came fast and furious over the past week as the newest additions to the cast of The CW’s ‘Riverdale’ pilot, based on the classic Archie Comics characters, were revealed! Meet the cast below and follow the links for more details on how your favorite comic book characters will …

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Get a First Look at Ward as [SPOILER] in ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

When “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” returns Tuesday, March 8 at 9:00 PM ET on ABC, the villainous Grant Ward will also make a comeback…but this time he’s possessed by the Inhuman Hive! Get a first peek at Ward’s new look below.Fans of the comics w…

We’re having a 24hr Leap Year Sale! Everything on our…

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Ask your local comic book shop to order these titles by TODAY…

Ask your local comic book shop to order these titles by TODAY Monday February 29th!

Don’t forget to add ongoing titles to your pull list!

Find your local comic book shop at findacomicshop.com or comicshoplocator.com.

Discounted Nintendo Selects Games Arrive on March 11

Nintendo announces selection of Wii U and 3DS games for $19.99 each

Just as the prophecies (or listings) foretold, Nintendo officially announced North American release plans for the discounted Nintendo Selects line of games. A handful of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games will be available for $19.99 starting March 11. Hit the jump for more.