Animator Expo Returns With Animator Mahiro Maeda and Novelist Ōtarō Maijō’s “Hammerhead”

The short can be seen only now on the Animator Expo site

The Japan Animator Expo showcase of shorts presented by Dwango and Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno’s Studio Khara is back for a third season that kicks off with prize-winning writer Ōtarō Maijō (Mephisto Prize for Smoke, Soil or Sacrifices; Mishima Yukio Prize for Asura Girl – available in English from Viz’s Haikasoru; and four Akutagawa Prize nominations for short works) teaming up with Gainax veteran animator Mahiro Maeda (Wings of Honnêamise, Gunbuster, also mastermind of Gankutsuou) on “Hammerhead.” More after the jump.

“KanColle” Offers More Swimsuit Art in Latest Game Update

Also this week, Unryuu Class Standard Carrier Kai got an update to the half-damaged art for her Kai upgrade

The “Counterattack! The Second SN Operation” KanColle browser game is coming August 10th with seven maps that seem to reference  Solomon Islands Campaign and/or Guadalcanal Campaign. In the meantime, this weekend’s update introduces a small expansion to the midsummer seasonal dressing with Tenryuu Class Light Cruiser Tatsuta joining her sister in the offering of swimsuit CG.

The lovely Hestia now in a more portable size, take her anywhere!

Joining Kotobukiya’s hit Cu-Poche figure series is the beautiful resident deity and helper of Bell Cranel in Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon, HESTIA!  Poseable and fun, each Cu-Poche figure features multiple points of articulation and magnets in its feet for extra stability on the included base or any […]

Wonder Woman Pop Cat pre-show commission! Can’t wait to…

Wonder Woman Pop Cat pre-show commission! Can’t wait to share all of the pop critters we did for folks at the show. The variety is incredible! #art #popcat #theninjabot #ninjabot #wonderwoman #watercolor #commission #dccomics #amazon #comics #comicart (at Ninjabot HQ 2.0)

An original character, Anne joins the Cu-Poche line!

Kotobukiya kicks off a brand new series of the popular Cu-Poche line of cute 4 ½ figures with a completely original character: ANNE!  Poseable and fun, each Cu-Poche figure features multiple points of articulation and magnets in its feet for extra stability on the included base or other metal surface.  Anne is a delightful young […]

Marvel & Google Take You Deeper Into the World of ‘Ant-Man’

The story of Marvel’s “Ant-Man” deepened in exciting new ways in the past few weeks as we partnered with Google for a series of in-world videos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
Three videos from WHIH News and another from WIRED Insider gave you more of the backstory on Scott Lang, Darren Cross, and Hank Pym leading up to the film, but don’t worry if you missed any because we’ve collected them all here for you on
First, Mashable broke a video featuring Christine Everhart covering not only the aftermath of the Avengers’ battle with Ultron in Sokovia, but also a profile on Scott Lang. Ahead of Lang’s release from prison, Everhart reminded viewers about Lang’s story as she announced an exclusive interview with the man on the eve of his release from prison. Learn more about Lang’s Robin Hood-style crime against Vista Corp after the company stole millions from its customers below:

Next, Buzzfeed brought fans security footage of Scott Lang’s break-in to the Vista Corp CEO’s home, where he accessed the comanpy’s secure database in order to return $4,000,000 to tens of thousands of allegedly mismanaged customers. Before Scott fled the scene, though, he disengaged the house’s exterior cameras, and the homeowner’s car managed to find a unique new parking spot while the cameras were off:

Meanwhile, WIRED Insider sat down with Pymtech CEO Darren Cross. During the profile, Cross spoke about how what really intrigued him with the company was what he found in the group’s cold storage, while also hinting at a major new product coming from Pymtech. Cross also addressed allegations that he’d forced the company’s founder Hank Pym out in order to take charge himself before the interview was abruptly cut short:

Finally, Everhart delivered on her promise of an exclusive interview with Lang prior to his release from prison in a video posted once again by Mashable. During the interview, Lang defended his actions and reiterated his claims that Vista Corp had defrauded tens of thousands of its customers and that his “theft” was actually a “refund” to those same victims. Tensions flared between Lang and Everhart, however, and you can see how the interview went down yourself right here:

For even more, you can check out the Google+ pages for WHIH, Pym Technologies and Darren Cross, as well as the Twitter handles for WHIH and Pym Technologies. Plus, you can visit the official WHIH World News channel on YouTube and view each original video on its page. Check out the comments section to see how your fellow fans interacted with each one!
Let us know what you thought of Ant-Man’s theatrical debut at the official “Ant-Man” page on Facebook or @AntMan on Twitter, and get your tickets now to see Scott Lang’s inaugural adventure all over again!

VIDEO: “Moero Crystal” Trailer Shows Off New Features, Monster Girls

Next entry in the series hits PS Vita in Japan on September 25

It’s time for more monster girls in the latest trailer for Compile Heart’s Moero Crystal. This entry in the Genkai Tokki series cranks the number of monster girls up to 80, and you can see more of them along with some of the game’s new features after the jump.