Our War

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OUR WAR – The Truth Untold

SYNOPSIS: OUR WAR is a unique series about revolution and the consequences thereof. Set in a not-too-distant and all-too-possible future, where the 2008 global economic crisis was taken to its logical conclusion, OUR WAR tells the story of the measures ordinary people will take to maintain a semblance of normality in chaotic times. Through financial collapse, political polarization, widespread violence, and the abandonment of law and order, OUR WAR follows a former farm boy and reluctant activist named Nestor and Emma, his unlikely travel companion. The pair quickly realizes that they will need each other’s help to survive in a place where everything that was once ordinary and mundane is now vicious and unpredictable. Addressing the threat of ideological dogmatism, the morality of violence, and the possibility of a better world, Our War asserts that while extreme situations breed extreme responses, all hope is never lost.



News & Reviews – 2/28/15Kaijumax creator Zander Cannon joins…

News & Reviews – 2/28/15

Kaijumax creator Zander Cannon joins the kaijucast to discuss giant monsters in prison, kaiju gangs and ten-ton cavity searches.

The Life After “…has yet to slow down and still manages to bring a new rush of excitement each time.”

The Life After “This title continuously ups its game every single issue.”

Possessions “…a fun, different action romp with a horror overlay.”

Spotlight on THE BLACK HOOD #1, Worlds Unite, and more in Episode 17 of The Official Archie Comics Podcast!

In Episode 17 of The Riverdale Podcast – The Official Archie Comics Podcast, we talk about THE BLACK HOOD #1, the upcoming Archie Action crossover event “Worlds Unite” and more! Click here to download Episode 17 of The Official Archie Comics Podcast! Subscribe to the The Riverdale Podcast – The …

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Doctor Who Memories from Florida Supercon

Karen Gillan played Amy Pond, the companion to the eleventh Doctor in the series Doctor Who. Gillan came to Magic City Comic Con in January 2015. [wonderplugin_gallery id=”6″] Alex Kingston is River Song, a companion to the eleventh Doctor in the series Doctor Who. She was a featured guest at Florida Supercon in July 2012. Read More …

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