New Series coming soon! VELDA: GIRL DETECTIVE. This will be released as a seri…

New Series coming soon! VELDA: GIRL DETECTIVE. This will be released as a series of digital comics as well as the Complete Velda in graphic novel print form in both digital and printed. By Hugo Award winner, Ron Miller.Velda: Girl DetectiveNew Serie…

The #DCTV Secrets of CONSTANTINE – Episode 6: “The Rage of Caliban”

John Constantine leaves a trail of secrets in his wake and only we know what they really are. That’s why we’re here to tease you with all the #DCTV Secrets hiding in each episode. If you really want to know some of the answers to these questions, check out the spoiler section… and find out the answers to the burning questions.

Bleeding Cool’s Top 100 Power List Revealed

Bleeding Cool Magazine #13 is in stores this week and it reveals the annual Top 100 Power List as detailed by Rich Johnston.  The list has become a yearly must read feature which attempts to quantify the power of comic book … Continue reading

This Just Happened: Superman Brought Down By a Friend?

This Just Happened: Superman Brought Down By a Friend?SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read SUPERMAN #36 yet and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!).Read more

This Just Happened: Olive Silverlock, We Know What You Did Last Summer…

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read ARKHAM MANOR #2 yet and do not wish to know what happens, stop reading this post now (major spoilers ahead!)

The 2014 Image Comics Gift Guide

Want to give comics this holiday season? Here’s a quick guide to some of Image Comics’ 2014 hardcovers and special editions!

12/3: Get Your Hands on Wildfire vol. 1!

12/3: Get Your Hands on Wildfire vol. 1!

For those among you who prefer to wait for the trade, here it is – Wildfire, vol. 1!

Top Cow fans of Think Tank will love this science thriller from Matt Hawkins and Linda Sejic.

From the…

Download Episode 161 of This Week in Marvel

Gobble gobble, it’s episode #161 of This Week in Marvel! Special guest “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels joins Ryan and Ben to look at new print and digital releases including DEATH OF WOLVERINE: THE LOGAN LEGACY #5, NEW WARRIORS #12, NOVA #24, S…

Finished! Happy Thanksgiving!

Finished! Happy Thanksgiving!

More to come! Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

More to come! Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Here we go again! Before I attempt to tackle this. Let’s…

Here we go again! Before I attempt to tackle this. Let’s have a toast to one of God’s best creation!


dafnap: FROM SCRIPT TO PAGE — DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES #1 Written by Michael Moreci Art by Dan McDaid Colors by Jason Wordie Letters by Ed Dukeshire


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The Avengers Assemble to Face Ultron Forever

Avengers: Ultron Forever art by Alan Davis

In April 2015, writer Al Ewing and artist Alan Davis join together to assemble an Avengers team from all the ages in three special oversized issues: AVENGERS: ULTRON FOREVER #1, NEW AVENGERS: ULTRON FOREVER #1 and UNCANNY AVENGERS: ULTRON FOREVER #1.

In anticipation of this unique storytelling trinity, Ewing details for the critical role that the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones plays in opposing an Ultron-controlled future, first revealed in Jonathan Hickman’s AVENGERS during Original Sin. He also confides how much he enjoys writing a story with two Thors! How did you come to be involved in this ULTRON FOREVER trio of special oversized issues?

Al Ewing: Short version: I was asked! I’d just come off doing the TENTH REALM [series], which was 100 pages all told, so there was a gap in my schedule, and presumably [Executive Editor] Tom Brevoort figured I’d be a good fit for something as big and crazy as this. Were you were aware that Alan Davis would be the artist on this project from the outset? What kind of action and excitement can we expect from the two of you collaborating on this project?

Al Ewing: Well, obviously I’m blown away to be working with Alan, and hopefully I’m giving him fun things to draw. I wasn’t aware he’d be on it from the outset; I can’t remember if I heard he’d be the artist before or after I started including loads of really big, epic beats into the plot. If I had to pick one word to describe this story, “epic” would be it; it sort of builds and builds, until by the third issue you’re experiencing cosmic-scale war between—but that would be spoiling it. So anyway, hopefully Alan likes it. Let’s talk about this one-of-a-kind team: The present day Vision, Black Widow, and new Thor, plus Thor from Walt Simonson’s run in the 80’s, James “Rhodey” Rhodes as Iron Man, a new future Captain America, and a pre-Avengers Hulk. Any two of these characters alone would make for a fascinating combination, but how exciting is it to explore all of these character dynamics and mixing of eras?

Al Ewing: That’s the test, really: can you make a story out of any of these two characters in a room? And the answer here is “definitely yes.” It’s great throwing them all together, and they’re all favorites of mine in one way or another, so I’m having lots of fun. I’m almost ashamed to admit the amount of childhood nostalgia at work here; it’s a cardinal sin in comic writing to give in too far to your own nostalgia, but hopefully the results this time will make for a real labor of love. It’ll be a ton of fun, whatever happens. One would imagine dialogue between two completely different Thors would make for great dialogue opportunities, correct?

Al Ewing: It’s pretty sweet when the two Thors first meet, actually. Simonson’s Thor always had a certain wisdom about him; that was probably when he was at his most worthy, if you ask me. But then, that’s also my childhood Thor, so… So when the modern-day Thor meets him, she understands the tragedy that he’s going to lose everything and the hammer too. Meanwhile, Simonson Thor is fine with it; he just thinks he dies in the future, and he’s okay with that. So there’s a rude awakening waiting down the line… Any details you are willing to share about this new future Cap?

Al Ewing: It’s none other than—Danielle Cage! We’ll get a glimpse into her generation of Avengers, on the mean streets—canals?—of New York 20XX. It’s not too late for me to make her from an actual year in the future, but I love the deliberate vagueness of 20XX; just sometime in the next 30 to 40 years—a sliding future. Anyway, she’s got powers from her Mum and Dad, so she’s as bulletproof as the shield, and able to give Hulk a run for his money in the strength stakes. Also, anyone who remembers Cap’s “magnet shield” from way back when is in for a treat.

How this all fits in with the other future Caps I don’t know, but since 20XX is quite a fluid year, I’m sure it can. Without spoiling the overall story, what can you divulge about this particular Ultron?

Al Ewing: He’s attained mastery of the world—maybe the universe. He’s become, quite literally, a Machine God. But the question is: what does a God of Machines want? What does a personality as—let’s be honest here—bat-guano crazy as Ultron want, once he’s achieved it all? And is that even the real story? Are there certain unexplored elements of Jonathan Hickman’s Original Sin-related AVENGERS arc that you are eager to capitalize upon in this project?

Al Ewing: There’s a particularly big thing he mentioned in passing that we get pretty deep into. Hint: I put two Thors on the team.

Get set for ULTRON FOREVER from Al Ewing and Alan Davis in April 2015, and stay tuned to and our social channels for all the latest news and previews!

Star Wars actor Billy Dee Williams’ Long Forgotten Music Album Re-released!

Many years before he became Lando Calrissian in two Star Wars movies and Harvey Dent in Batman, a 23 year old Billy Dee Williams recorded this long forgotten album… The album, “Let’s Misbehave,” features 10 Broadway songs, many of which were recorded here for the first time! This re-release is with the full approval of [&hellip

Happy Thanksgiving From Avatar Press

All of the artists, writers, and staff?at Avatar Press would like to wish our readers and supporters a very happy Thanksgiving. ?Enjoy the season with a taste of horror from the most cutting edge independent publisher in comics. Check in … Continue reading

This Week in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Goes Inside the Writers’ Room

Staff Writer DJ Doyle delves into Ward’s family reunion, Coulson’s first meeting with the Doctor and much more in the latest edition of “This Week in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”!Download episode #10 of “This Week in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D…

Marvelous Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Deals

To celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Marvel and it’s partners have some great deals from games to t-shirts to toys and more. See below and don’t miss the perfect opportunity to save!

Visit Walmart for exclusive Black Friday deals on the Hot Wheels Spider-Man Speed Circuit Showdown from Mattel as well as Avengers three pack (sizes 4 and 6) and Spider-Man three pack (sizes 4, 6 and 8) briefs. Also pick up Spider-Man 6 Vault Battery Powered Small Car from Dynacraft, Spider-Man Round Beanbags, Beanbag Chairs and Bungee Chairs and even Classic Spider-Man 4-piece twin bed sets in a bag.

Head over to Target for Spider-Man You Be The Character hooded bath towels, Spider-Man 40×50 fleece throws, Avengers Assemble 40×50 fleece throws, Spider-Man and Avengers Spinbrush from Church & Dwight and the Marvel Universe 6 Pack Titan Heroes from Hasbro.

Over at Kmart save on the Spider-Man Classic 10×26 Polyester coral fleece, Amazing Spider-Man 2 62×90 Fleece Blanket, Spider-Man Bikes from Huffy (10″, 12″ and 16″) and the You Be the Character hooded bath towel poncho.

At Sears, pick up the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Pillow Buddy.

Swing by Costco to pick up an Avengers 16″ Bike from Huffy.

And last but not least, the Black Friday ToysRUs deals include the Hasbro Titan Heroes — Spider-Man and Villain Figures, Titan Heroes — Avengers and Hulk figures, Titan Heroes — Guardians of the Galaxy figures as well as the Rubies Marvel Muscle Top Box Sets.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: The best in match-three puzzle gameplay meets Marvel’s biggest Super Heroes and Super Villains in the most epic puzzle adventure game out on your phone, tablet and PC! Marvel Puzzle Quest combines your favorite Marvel characters with deep RPG leveling, player-vs-player tournaments, alliances and much more. It’s time to unleash your inner Super Hero and wage war against your enemies. Receive 30% Bonus on Hero Points and Iso-8 at these links: Apple, Google Play, Steam. From November 27 to December 4 only.

WeLoveFine: On Cyber Monday December 1 from 12AM – 11:59 PM (PST): All MARVEL tees will be on sale for 25% off. Fans are welcome to use the code on Tuesday December 2, but the discount will also drop to 15% so act quick. The code is CYBERMARVEL25 and only good for the tee shirts. Visit the Marvel section at WeLoveFine now!

Avengers Alliance
: All Heroes list below will be on sale for 20% off: Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. All Uniforms that belong to the listed heroes below will be on sale for 20% off: Iron Man MK V Armor Tactician, Iron Man MK V Armor Blaster, Iron Man Avengers Tactician, Iron Man Avengers Blaster, Iron Man MK 42 Armor Tactician, Iron Man MK 42 Armor Blaster, Thor Modern Blaster, Thor Modern Bruiser, Thor Avengers Blaster, Thor Avengers Bruiser, Thor Mighty Scrapper, Thor Mighty Bruiser, World War Hulk Scrapper, World War Hulk Bruiser, Avengers Hulk Scrapper and Avengers Hulk Bruiser.

The following heroes will be bundled up with their uniforms for 20% off. NOTE: Bundles only appear if you do not own the hero. Thor + Modern Blaster, Thor + Modern Bruiser, Thor + Avengers Blaster, Thor + Avengers Bruiser, Thor + Mighty Scrapper, Thor + Mighty Bruiser, Hulk + World War Hulk Scrapper, Hulk + World War Hulk Bruiser, Hulk + Avengers Hulk Scrapper, Hulk + Avengers Hulk Bruiser, Hulk + Grey Hulk Tactician, Hulk + Grey Hulk Bruiser, Cap + WWII Captain America Bruiser, Cap + WWII Captain America Tactician, Cap + Avengers Captain America Bruiser, Cap + Avengers Captain America Tactician, Cap + Captain Steve Rogers Scrapper, Cap + Captain Steve Rogers Tactician, Quicksilver + Blue Costume Scrapper and Quicksilver + Blue Costume Generalist. Play Avengers Alliance here now!

Disney Music: Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol 1 Soundtrack. On sale for $6.99 here. Offer goes from November 26 to December 1.

Disney Infinity
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Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon: Free App of the Week on iOS devices from Friday, November 28 to Thursday, December 4. Click here for all the download options.

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