Ales Kot Answers Your Winter Soldier Questions

Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier

This week, the one-time partner of Captain America and a former shield-slinging Sentinel of Liberty gets a new lease on his ever-changing life in BUCKY BARNES: THE WINTER SOLDIER #1, from writer Ales Kot and artist Marco Rudy.

While much of Bucky’s new mission statement and responsibilities spinning out of Original Sin remain shrouded in secrecy, we asked you to submit your most burning questions on Twitter @Marvel using the hash tag #MarvelCreatorChat and filed them with Ales Kot. Find out what the Winter Soldier’s latest handler had to say about enemies, adversaries, and much more—even Nick Fury!

Begin transmission…

Will any story elements from the last WS solo continue in this series? Relationships? Villains?

Ales Kot: Yes! Thematically, everything that happened in Bucky’s life is a part of it—so we have a rich history to work with, and we start right with the opening page of issue #1! As for the relationships—new ones will come quite fast, and old ones will be likely mentioned, people—and other races—even making an appearance here and there.

what makes the new winter soldier series different from other marvel projects?

Ales Kot: It’s a fully painted space adventure about a haunted man venturing into the unknown and discovering just how vast the Marvel Universe can be!

are we seeing any other Avengers or characters in this series?

Ales Kot: Yes, plenty! Namor in issue #1, Loki in issue #2, Crossbones is coming, and so on—plenty more. Some new, some I don’t want to mention in advance, because that would say too much about the story.

what is your favourite thing about Bucky Barnes? What inspired you to begin

Ales Kot: I like that Bucky doesn’t give up on life. He went through so much—and now he’s facing a new, unique way of being. He’s no longer just a survivor, that’s not the story of his life now—he wants to live. So he leaps into this adventure, which inevitably proves inspiring and evolutionary. What inspired me is precisely that: the choice to leap into the unknown and go on an adventure not knowing where the next step will lead me. All I know is I have the universe, and so does Bucky.

will this be good for someone who hasn’t read any comics about bucky before?

Ales Kot: I wholeheartedly believe so, yes. You might feel a bit lost at the beginning—but if you will trust us to lead you through, I believe we will do our duty incredibly well.

will we be getting more solitary, man on the run Bucky or will he be part of/leader of a team?

Ales Kot: Both! A lot of this series is about Bucky learning to live by combining his previous approaches. As he expands through his adventures, so will his social circle—and some rather solitary paths present themselves at the same time.

Last time we saw Bucky & Daisy together they were with Bobbi Morse. Will she show up? #TeamFreeAgents

Ales Kot: Maybe.

What did you think of the design of the Winter Soldier in [“Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier”]?

Ales Kot: Loved it! I wanted us to consciously integrate it into our design, because it’s beautiful.

I know it’s in space but is there a chance Natasha romanoff will make an appearance?

Ales Kot: There is a chance, yes! 

Now that Bucky is the new ‘Man on the wall,’ will he (and we) learn of Nick Fury’s & Woody’s past adventures as ‘Men on the Wall’?

Ales Kot: There’s so much to explore in Fury’s past—I believe it will happen sooner or later, yes!

Get even more answers—plus plenty of questions—in BUCKY BARNES: THE WINTER SOLDIER #1!

Pirate’s Booty & Marvel Team Up to Fight Attuma, Unhealthy Snacks

The Avengers & Pirate's Booty art by Scott Koblish

The Avengers join forces with other groups on a regular basis, but the results aren’t usually this delicious! Marvel Custom Solutions and Pirate’s Booty teamed up to offer limited edition bags of Aged White Cheddar featuring the Avengers Assemble heroes Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Hulk.

In addition to delightful baked snacks made without artificial preservatives and the like, this union also brought about an exclusive eight-page digital comic book—available now at or in the free section of Marvel Unlimited—featuring that same group of heroes and the Pirate’s Booty Pirate plus his parrot Crunchy facing off against the Atlantean villain Attuma. FIGMENT writer Jim Zub and DEADPOOL: DRACULA’S GAUNTLET artist Scott Koblish came together to create this tasty treat of a tale.

“The Pirate may come from a different world, one of tasty crunchy snacks, but in this story he can stand side-by-side with the Avengers and help them out,” Zub says. “It was a fun project, very much in the spirit of the classic fruit pie ads that used to run in Marvel comics from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, only this one had Pirate’s Booty snacks and a full line-up of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.”

This particular roster of Avengers features a variety of heavy hitters that fans of the Marvel Studios films and Marvel Comics will know as well as fans of Marvel’s “Avengers Assemble” animated series.

“I was very happy with the list of heroes that [Marvel Custom Solutions creative director] Bill Rosemann handed to me,” Zub says. “If you ask a non-comic reader who the Avengers are, these are the characters they’d expect.”

Zub notes that Attuma, the Warlord from Atlantis, was “absolutely” a natural nemesis for Pirate and his Avengers pals.

“Using a well-known villain from the Avengers cartoon that’s appropriate to the ocean-based setting for the story makes it easy to get things rolling,” Zub says. “You don’t have to explain how he got there or what he’s all about. We didn’t have a lot of pages to set up back story and motivation.”

With only eight pages to work with and several characters to work in, the writer explains that there was a challenge to bringing it all together, “but not in a bad way.”

“It forces you to focus on what’s most important, cutting away anything that doesn’t drive the main plot forward; in many ways it harkens back to classic Marvel storytelling,” he says. “When I look back at some of the original [Stan] Lee/[Jack] Kirby/[Steve] Ditko stories I’m amazed at how much plot they pack into each issue.”

Zub goes on to say that his own artistic partner, Scott Koblish, helped him bring this story together.

“Scott’s a true pro and he did a great job,” Zub says. “I’m always impressed with his work. He melds classic comic storytelling and modern dynamic art in a really appealing way. I hope we get to work together again soon.”

You can read the digital comic right now in the free section of Marvel Unlimited, or at To get your hands on some Pirate’s Booty snacks emblazoned with Marvel’s Greatest Heroes, head to a store near you!

STRAY BULLETS Aims for the Gut

David Lapham’s rich, influential crime series STRAY BULLETS returned to comic book stands in March 2014, with the launch of its first new story arc in nine years, “Killers.” Whether newly-hipped to STRAY BULLETS or longtime fans, readers can now get new editions of the classic story arcs from Image Comics, beginning in October with STRAY BULLETS VOLUME 1: INNOCENCE OF NIHILISM.

If She Be Worthy: 5 Women Of Asgard

If She Be Worthy

While Thor may be the most well known warrior to call the realm of Asgard home, plenty of other sword-swinging and-hard fighting gods have crossed the Bifrost into Midgard. This Wednesday, fans of Marvel’s modern Norse mythology will meet an all-new champion, one worthy enough to lift Mjolnir from its resting place on the moon.

This new Thor’s influence will prove powerful enough to alter the inscription etched on the side of the mighty hammer, changing it from “if he be worthy” to “if she be worthy.” The new Thor, whose identity remains a mystery, joins a list of other prominent Asgardian women, presented here in the order of their debut!


As wife of Odin and mother of Thor, Frigga has played an undeniable role in Asgard’s formation. Recently, Frigga took on the most important role of her long, long life: becoming the All-Mother of Asgardia. She assumed the role following the apparent death of her son in the wake of FEAR ITSELF, and still holds that commanding title to this day.

2. SIF

Originally depicted as the warrior woman of Thor’s dreams, Sif has grown into a leading character and valiant hero over the past 50 years. She’s every bit as proactive as Thor and the Warriors Three, and has a spirit tough enough to overcome death. Sif recently embarked on a series of solo adventures that took her from the streets of Midgard to the far reaches of outer space!


As Odin’s appointed ruler of Hel, the goddess of death called Hela has often come into conflict with Asgard’s more noble inhabitants. She’s conspired against the All-Father and allied herself with the most evil creatures in the Nine Realms in her quest for power. Her menace hasn’t been limited to the mythical elements of the Marvel Universe; she’s vexed Marvel’s mutants on a number of occasions as well.


While she may ally herself with heavies like the Executioner or thinkers like Baron Zemo, Enchantress always has her own interests in mind. Her mastery of the mystic arts has allowed her the ability to possess people with even the strongest of wills. This has made Amora not only one of the Thor’s most formidable foes, but one of the Avengers’ as well. She has been known to ally with heroes – if the outcome of that action benefits her.


Unlike many of Asgard’s most prominent warriors, Valkyrie has journeyed to Midgard and teamed with Earth’s heroes on a number of occasions. The Defenders and Secret Avengers have both benefited from her sword-swinging abilities. Recently, the All-Mother tasked Valkyrie with creating a new Valkyrior, this time comprised of the most powerful women in the Marvel Universe.

Asgard gets a new hero this Wednesday in THOR #1!  

cover from Defenders II (2013) #1

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