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Readers devoured the SDCC exclusives and were shocked by the ending

The Horrors of World War I in WHITE DEATH

Original graphic novel by Robbie Morrison and Charlie Adlard in September

From Annihilation To Age Of Ultron: 5 Explosive Marvel Finales

The heroes of the Marvel Universe have had anything but a pleasant summer. With the Watcher dead and all of their deepest, darkest secrets exposed, pretty much everyone with a codename or a costume has had to do a lot of intense soul searching–with a…

See Star-Lord & Rocket’s Escape Plan in this New Clip from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

As you’ve seen Star-Lord and Rocket discuss in other clips from Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” it helps to have a plan. Unfortunately, sometimes Ronan the Accuser shows up, tries to kill you, and you have to improvise. Check out this new clip from…

LOW reaches new depths

The first issue of Remender and Tocchini’s new series sells out, stunning artwork for issue #2 revealed

From Hala To Xander: Mapping Out Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

“Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” leaves our home planet’s orbit and spreads the mighty Marvel ethos to previously unseen corners of the universe. For those of you curious to learn more about the comic book origins of the intergalactic destinations f…

DC Collectibles: Checking Off (and Checking Out) the New 52 Line

DC Collectibles: Checking Off (and Checking Out) the New 52 Line

When we announced The New 52 back in 2012, the focus was understandably on the comics. Fifty-two first issues is an impressive feat.  But it didn’t take long for The New 52 to permeate into other areas of the business, like DC Collectibles.