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Get this spooky Super Friends adventure just in time for Halloween!Available on iTunes.
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Canvassing the Dark World: Thor’s Craig Kyle

Marvel's Thor: The Dark World

By Zack Zeigler

Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” Executive Producer Craig Kyle had a figurative tightrope to walk during the making of the film. He had to find a way to keep the folks who have less familiarity with the original stories from the Marvel comics interested in the movie while making sure enough was included for diehard Marvel fans.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in chains in “Thor: The Dark World”

“It’s really important for us as we move further out in the stars [and] we move deeper into the worlds that we’re visiting and the characters themselves so that people…who don’t read comics…[are told a] great story [in terms of] character, depth, and detail,” Kyle said.

“Thor: The Dark World” opens in theaters nationwide on November 8, with the story picking up after the catastrophic events that brought Thor back to Earth in search of his step brother Loki in “Marvel’s The Avengers.”

“It’s been about a year and a half, two years since the first movie, and promises were made: ‘I’ll come back for you, Jane Foster.’ [Thor] did come back, [but] not for her,” Kyle recalled.  “That’ll be awkward when they [meet] again, I’m guessing.”

That awkwardness won’t be regulated to those two characters or situations.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) & Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) reunite in “Thor: The Dark World”

“Now all those threats continue to send a ripple effects throughout our model cinematic universe,” he said. “You have Thor, who had to take the prisoner, Loki, back Asgard to be dealt with, and this time he’s going to be locked up in a cell where he’s not going to have control. You have Erik Selvig who had a god in his head messing around for an entire movie, which probably isn’t good for your psyche. Lots of these threats continue to just spread outwards in ways that only deepen the stories we’re about to tell in these individual sagas.”

And when the Dark Elves resurface, it adds another level of complexity.

“They haven’t been seen in 5,000 years,” he revealed. “So as far as anyone knows, Odin [Anthony Hopkins] was a child the last time they were dealt with, and [the Dark Elves were] believed to be wiped out. So when they return it is not good news.”

Idris Elba returns as Heimdall in “Thor: The Dark World”

The glitzy side of Asgard served mainly as background in the previous Thor film; this time it will be explored and given more depth.

“The first time around we got to see Asgard and all of this beauty during the ascension ceremony,” Kyle remarked. “Everyone had their costumes buffed and polished, but we didn’t really get to see the other shades of it where the normal folks live, the darker under belly.”

Courtesy of Loki, we’ll also get a peek at what life is like behind bars for Asgardian criminals.

“The prisons of Asgard are…a fitting home for a character like Loki,” Kyle said. “[There’s] this horns characters, and marauders, and various demons, and then in [Loki’s] cell there’s a bed and a couple books that Frigga [Rene Russo] brought down there just so he could be as comfortable as possible. But as far as Odin’s concerned, [Loki’s] staying.”

Another tidbit Kyle dropped was to expect Heimdall (Idris Elba) to play a larger role.

“Heimdall also has some extraordinary scenes in this film. He really plays a much larger role, and he turned out to be a real fan favorite in the last film, so we were lucky to have him come back and do some more for us.”

Get your tickets now for Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World,” only in theaters November 8, and for the latest on the Mighty Avenger’s new big screen adventure keep your eyes on, like the official Thor Facebook page and follow @ThorMovies on Twitter!

IDW Joins The Party At Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo

Publisher’s Big Plans For
L.A.’s Big Convention
San Diego, CA (October 31, 2013) – Over the weekend of November
1st – 3rd downtown Los Angeles will be taken
over by one of the fastest growing conventions: Stan Lee’s
Comikaze Expo. For IDW’s first app…

Download Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game Now

Marvel's Thor: The Dark World - The Official Game

Gameloft, a leading global publisher of digital and social games, and Marvel have joined forces once again to bring “Thor : The Dark World – The Official Game” to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices, timed with the launch of the highly anticipated new film Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World.” The game is co-written by prolific Marvel author Christopher Yost.

Download “Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game” now on the App Store and Google Play, then watch the final game trailer now, and scroll down for even more details!

Help Thor save the Nine Realms in “Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game”

In this action-packed adventure, you will play as Thor in his epic quest to stop Malekith’s dark ambitions, and restore order to the Nine Worlds.  Explore the worlds by immersing yourself in a rich Thor experience. Fight alongside legendary Asgardians, like Sif or Heimdall, summon Einherjar warriors for help, upgrade your skills and allies, and compete with friends for unique rewards. A great variety of fast-paced missions, familiar environments and characters await you, all in beautiful 3D graphics.

“’Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game’ is devoted to capturing action-packed entertainment,” said Karine Kaiser, Vice President Marketing & Licensing at Gameloft. “Fans, gamers and moviegoers alike can enjoy hours of entertainment with this official game.”

Upgrade your armor, weapons and skills in “Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game”

“We are always thrilled to partner with Gameloft and to see how they will capture all the heart of the film brand within the game” said Javon Frazier, Vice President Marvel Games Marketing. “’Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game’ is a perfect way for fans to immerse themselves in the world of one of Marvel’s most iconic super heroes.”

Gameloft and Marvel have previously partnered on a number of successful games, including “Iron Man 3: The Official Game.” “Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game” was inspired by Marvel’s new theatrical film, only in cinemas worldwide.

“Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game” is free-to-play and already available for download on the App Store and Google Play. A feature phone version will also be available through main carriers worldwide.

Summon mighty allies as Thor in “Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Offers Up Campfire Scares in New Clip

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Some campers get more than they bargained for when their counselor disappears after a spooky campfire tale…and that’s just the beginning of the latest mystery for Coulson and his team in Tuesday’s new “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”!

Catch the beginning of the all-new episode directly below, then tune in live to “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” at 8:00 p.m. ET Tuesday, November 5 on ABC to find out what’s causing the laws of gravity to disappear!

In the meantime keep your eyes on as well @AgentsofSHIELD on Twitter and “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” on Facebook for all the latest news!

Clark Gregg reprises his role of Agent Phil Coulson from Marvel’s feature films as he assembles a small, highly select group of Agents from the worldwide law-enforcement organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. Together they investigate the new, the strange, and the unknown across the globe, protecting the ordinary from the extraordinary. Coulson’s team consists of Agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton), highly trained in combat and espionage, Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) expert pilot and martial artist, Agent Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker); brilliant engineer and Agent Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) genius bio-chemist. Joining them on their journey into mystery is new recruit and computer hacker Skye (Chloe Bennet).

From Executive Producers Joss Whedon (“Marvel’s The Avengers,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”); Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen, “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” pilot co-writers (“Dollhouse,” “Dr.Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”); Jeffrey Bell (“Angel,” “Alias”); and Jeph Loeb (“Smallville,” “Lost,” “Heroes”) comes Marvel’s first TV series. “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is produced by ABC Studios and Marvel Television.

Download Episode 105 of This Week in Marvel

Download Episode 105 of This Week in Marvel

Download episode #105 of This Week in Marvel from

It’s episode #105 of This Week in Marvel! Join Ryan and Ben as they look at the latest print and digital releases including CATACLYSM #0.1, DEADPOOL KILLS DEADPOOL #4, INFINITY #5, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP SPECIAL #1, X-MEN: BATTLE OF THE ATOM #2 and more, plus new additions to the Marvel Comics app and Marvel Unlimited and the latest movie and TV news from Marc! Also, it’s the return of the Marvel Unlimited Reading Club as X-Editor Jordan D. White joins the gang to talk X-MEN: INFERNO just in time for Halloween!

Download episode #105 of This Week in Marvel from, check out Marvel Podcast Centralgrab the TWiM RSS feed and subscribe to This Week in Marvel on iTunes or Zune, so you never miss an episode!

This Week in Marvel will focus on delivering all the Marvel info on news and new releases–from comics to video games to toys to TV to film and beyond! New episodes will be released every Thursday (or so) and TWiM is co-hosted by Marvel Digital Media Group Executive Editorial Director Ryan “Agent M” Penagos and Editor Ben Morse, along with Associate Editor Marc Strom and Manager, Video & Content Production Blake Garris.

We also want your feedback, as well as questions for us to answer on future episodes! Tweet your questions, comments and thoughts about TWiM to @Agent_M@BenJMorse or @Marvel with the hashtag #ThisWeekinMarvel! And if your message is longer than 140 characters, send it through!

Want more info on what’s in this episode? Here you go:
Print comic books and collections on sale this week
Track the latest developments with Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”


From the official press release:

New York, NY – We at Archie Comics are so excited about The Art of Archie: The Covers that in the coming weeks we’ll be hosting FOUR signings at four different locations. The Art of Archie: The Covers is the follow up to the acclaimed The Art of Betty and Veronica, which was lauded by USA Today as one of the year’s best graphic novels and received a Harvey Award nomination for Special Award for Excellence in Presentation.

The first signing takes place on Monday 11/4 at 7pm at Barnes & Noble in Paramus, NJ (765 N State Rt 17, Paramus, NJ 07652) with co-editors Victor Gorelick (Archie Comics Co-President/Editor-in-Chief) and Craig Yoe (Eisner award-winning comic book historian) who is this year’s recipient of the Jerry Bails Award for Excellence in Comics Fandom at the Shel Dorf Awards.

On Thursday 11/7 at 7pm, Strand Books in NYC (828 Broadway, New York, NY 10003) will again host Gorelick and Yoe along with Archie fan-favorite artists Dan Parent (Kevin Keller) and Fernando Ruiz (Life with Archie) for another panel discussion/Q&A at the famed bookstore. A purchase of the art book is your ticket in to the event which is sure to be a lively and informative walk through Archie’s 70-plus year history.

Gorelick and Yoe will sign at the City Center on Tuesday 11/12 at 7pm at Barnes & Noble in White Plains, NY (230 Main Street, White Plains, NY 10601), which hosted a signing for last year’s The Art of Betty and Veronica. This will be followed by a final signing at the Gardiner Manor Mall on Thursday 11/21 at 7pm at Barnes & Noble in Bay Shore, NY (842 Sunrise Hwy, Bay Shore, NY 11706).

Be sure to make it to one of these events and add this beautifully designed hardcover art book to your collection which is destined to become a perennial favorite. Not only does The Art of Archie: The Covers make the perfect gift, but the chance to meet the creators and get it signed will make it a prized possession
More …

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Psych Ward: The Legion of Monsters

Psych Ward: The Legion of Monsters

By Tim Stevens

Mr. Franklin Nelson,

I have done my best to comply with your request. However, as I have not worked with any of the subjects nor am I a profiler of…creatures of this sort, I urge you to reach out to a therapist who might be more appropriate. In any case, I do hope this provides some level of aid to your firm.

Werewolf by Night: Jack Russell (born Jacob Russoff) was cursed by his bloodline from birth, but it was not until he turned 18 that he began turning into the supernatural creature commonly referred to as a werewolf in popular lore. Although no such cases have ever been documented in any scientific journals, several eyewitness accounts, including ones from individuals of impeccable credentials, would seem to indicate the accuracy of Russell’s condition.

Long battling his transformation, the subject did eventually accept it and became more fully integrated, able to retain his personality in both human and lycan forms. Although this has not proven a permanent integration as he still, at times, loses control of his “animal side,” he is far more likely to present as cohesive now.

Beyond the “curse,” which is perhaps best conceptualized as a genetic disorder, Russell’s life has been significantly marked with tragedy, losing his father while still an infant and his mother as a late adolescent. Additionally, the subject has had to wrestle with the knowledge that, over the years, he has passed on the disease to several others through his actions and many of these who were infected went on to hurt and kill others during their transformations. 

It should also be noted that the subject is apparently a well-respected scholar in the study of an ancient book called the “Darkhold.” Details vary about what the Darkhold is, but all agree that it is deeply connected to whatever supernatural elements exist in our world.

Zombie: Simon Garth was the heir and chief executive of the Garth Manor coffee company when he was kidnapped and used as a human sacrifice. Unable to save him, the love of his life Layla had to be satisfied with, initially, preventing him from becoming an undead slave to those who first sacrificed him. Since then, over the years, Garth has steadily become more independent. Although he can still be controlled to a certain extent by an amulet that matches the one around his neck, he has begun to resist commands that would violate his personal morality (when he was alive) and is able to do selfless acts under his own personal initiative.

The subject seems to be, from the little scholarly research available, a merging of both the Voodoo concept of the zombie (a slave under the control of a powerful practitioner of the religion) and the more modern pop culture icon (an undead creature who shambles on). As near as this writer can discern, Garth does not feast on flesh or brains and does not spread zombification (if you will) to others. This writer does not feel comfortable with speaking to any metaphysical aspects of the subject’s current existence (soul, resurrection potential, etc.).

Satana: Satana Hellstrom is the self-described daughter of the Devil and brother to Daimon Hellstrom. An apparent wielder of magic, the subject has insisted that she grew up in Hell, or some version of it, and this is where she was taught the dark arts. Although her brother confirms that she was not raised with him (and the existence of several hells, evidently) he is not able to speak to her specific experience.

An agent of chaos more than a hero or villain, the subject seems to do as she pleases without much by way of conscience. She has sacrificed herself to save Dr. Stephen Strange and has served with the government super villain rehabilitation group the Thunderbolts, but she has also worked with the organized crime boss the Hood, acted as a succubus (although this writer remains unclear on how closely her actions matched the pop culture concept of succubus), and culls souls for a future attempt at overthrowing her father and assuming control of her particular section of Hell. She would seem, in this writer’s estimation, to be unreliable.

N’Kantu, the Living Mummy: Despite his name, N’Kantu insists he is not alive, which presents some confusion. What is clear is that he was exposed to a chemical agent and buried away for years—possibly centuries if certain oral histories that were eventually transcribed can be believed. Upon the agent wearing off, N’Kantu was able to escape, but his mind was not intact. Spending time interred with no motor control had shattered his sense of self, grasp of reality, and ability to process information. Although he has appeared to become more fully oriented to time, place, and person since, he does seem to indicate some lasting trauma and possible mental illness from his time essentially buried alive.

Frankenstein’s Monster: The creature’s origins are well-documented in the historical document “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley, but many years have passed since publication and the “Monster” has not been dormant all that time. Historical records are dotted with mentions of him or allusions to someone or something that many scholars believe must be the creature. These include involvement with the Nazis—although this seems to either be against the creature’s will or the result of some sort of cloning of him—and in several eras aiding Kang the Conqueror.

In modern times, his stance seems to be more heroic. The adventurer Elsa Bloodstone claims him as almost a nanny-type figure that called himself Adam and he has served S.H.I.E.L.D. in a specialty agent capacity. Despite all appearances, it would seem that the creature is intelligent and capable of moral thought and that, in time, this ability has led to a life largely devoid of terrorizing humans.

For further research on the Legion of Monsters, this writer would urge you to study the works of Doctors Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, and Jason Copland, particularly DAREDEVIL #33, available on November 20.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Psychology intern at a small(ish) university in New York City.

Short Run ‘Marathon’ Opens November 9 at Fantagraphics Bookstore

October 31, 2013 – Seattle, WA. The Pacific Northwest has become the center of a growing movement of handcrafted small press publishing. “Short Run Small Press Fest” is one of the country’s leading gatherings of self-publish…

Short Run ‘Marathon’ Opens November 9 at Fantagraphics Bookstore

October 31, 2013 – Seattle, WA. The Pacific Northwest has become the center of a growing movement of handcrafted small press publishing. “Short Run Small Press Fest” is one of the country’s leading gatherings of self-publish…

5.2 Reasons Bad Guys Are Cooler Than Good Guys

5.2 Reasons Bad Guys Are Cooler Than Good GuysIt’s a good time to be bad.Read more

Neil Gaiman talks THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE with NPR Morning Edition

This morning, Neil Gaiman spoke with Steve Inskeep on NPR’s Morning Edition about the 25th Anniversary of The Sandman and the debut of THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE.

Unlimited Halloween Highlights

Unlimited Halloween Highlights

By Ben Chabala

Follow along as we pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor’s picks and more, this’ll be your spot to find something new and cool.

What goes best with Halloween candy? That’s right, Halloween comics! This All Hallow’s Eve let Unlimited Highlights take you on a trail of terror through Marvel’s dark, seedy, and supernatural underbelly. We’ve got demons, ghosts, vampires, zombies, and more—all the better to scare you with dear readers!


Doctor Strange, Man-Thing, and Luke Cage head off on a wild journey to recruit the most devilish woman of the witching world: Satana, daughter of the devil himself. But before they get a shot at speaking to the spell caster face-to-face, they’ll have to run a gauntlet of ice elementals, giant golems, and other mythic monstrosities. Do Steve, Luke, and their swampy friend have what it takes to reach their quarry, or will the sorceress force them to meet her father?


Given a second chance at his almost undead life after escaping the Raft, Morbius skips out of the Big Apple for Brownsville. But the vampire didn’t count on the little burg’s brutality. There might not be super heroes, but ordinary criminals run rampant through the city streets. And lead hurts just as much as silver. Could Michael have bitten off even more than he can chew?

DEADPOOL (2012) #8

Wade Wilson’s worked more than his fair share of odd and horrifying gigs, taking lives in a blaze of bullets, blades, and blood. Now though, the Merc with a Mouth harvests souls for a salty demon named Vetis. This issue scares up a healthy dose of Halloween hijinks, complete with Benjamin Franklin’s ghost and involuntary organ donation!


Jamie Madrox and Layla Miller were busy enjoying a nice little honeymoon in Vegas until the Abe Lincoln that married them winds up murdered. By who? Well by the undead zombie corpse of Robert E. Lee of course! The legendary Southern general takes offense at mutants and their disdain for staying dead, as well as Civil War re-enactors and aims to exact revenge at the tip of his steel sabre. And unless X-Factor Investigations can put the general on ice, the Abe Lincoln body count will continue to rise.


Kitty Pryde and her little Peter struggle to survive in a world overrun by zombie heroes. On Halloween however, the kid gets to dress up and go trick-or-treating. While wandering the hellish nightmare world in search of candy, he bumps into the rotting husks of Darkhawk, Mettle, Squirrel Girl, and other preteen super heroes who crave only his ruddy pink flesh. Then Mephisto appears—but to save the child from a certainly gruesome end, or to steal the boy’s soul himself?

Hit the Road with Daredevil

Hit the Road with Daredevil

By Jim Beard

Roadtrips bring new vistas and fresh ways of looking at the world, but they can also come fraught with unfamiliar dangers. Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, may be finding out the hard way in a brand-new Marvel Infinite Comics experience, DAREDEVIL: ROAD WARRIOR.

The series marks the end of an era for writer Mark Waid’s acclaimed run with the Man Without Fear, and also the first major Marvel project for artist Peter Krause. Together, the two creators plan to set the hero on a path to destiny and in a way that only Infinite Comics can portray.

Daredevil: Road Warrior #1 cover by Chris Samnee Mark, how does it feel for you after your run on DAREDEVIL to be sending him off on this journey?

Mark Waid: Exhilarating. Up until now, every time we’ve taken Matt out of New York, it’s been in service of awful, awful things. This feels more like the beginning of a grand journey. Which does not discount the eventuality of awful, awful things, of course; no one wants to read a Daredevil story where everything goes smoothly for him. Is Matt at his best or worst when he’s not in the big city?

Mark Waid: Neither; just a fish out of water. He enjoys the countryside, but he’s adapted so well to the concrete canyons of New York that he finds flatlands to the horizon somewhat disturbing; nothing for his radar sense to bounce off of. Overall, what kind of story is ROAD WARRIOR? Where’s Matt’s head as he goes into it?

Mark Waid: Matt’s beginning a whole new chapter in his life following the events of DAREDEVIL #36, and he’s excited but apprehensive at the same time. You can be a Man Without Fear and still be a little worried about where the next paycheck is coming from. ROAD WARRIOR is a coast-to-coast adventure/chase with thrills aplenty. Will he take any of his supporting cast with him on this journey?

Mark Waid: He will, yes. But I can’t yet tell you who. Spoilers!

Daredevil #32 cover by Chris Samnee What have you learned from your other Infinite Comics projects that you bring to this one?

Mark Waid: Hopefully, how to pace a story and give the readers a satisfying experience with each chapter while at the same time telling an overall larger story. The Infinite toolbox offers up a lot of new and interesting ways to “see” the world through Daredevil’s eyes, and I’m really stoked about pursuing those with my partner in crime, Peter Krause! Speaking of your partner-in-crimefighting, what’s the greatest thing about working with Peter on this, his first Marvel series?

Mark Waid: Seeing him draw his favorite Marvel character, Daredevil! He’s been dreaming of this all his life—I know how he feels—and he’s bringing everything to the drawing table. Not just his love of DD, but also all the digital comics techniques he and I have been developing on our own over at; all those come into play, as well. Couldn’t ask for a better partner than the man who helped me launch Thrillbent!

Daredevil #34 cover by Chris Samnee Okay, Peter; time to step up to the microphone. How does it feel to be working on your first big project for Marvel?

Peter Krause: Not only my first big project for Marvel, my first project of any size or type for Marvel. When I exchanged emails with DAREDEVIL editor Stephen Wacker, I joked that I was the oldest Marvel rookie ever. And I am drawing my favorite character in the Marvel universe! That is exciting. How would you quantify your working relationship with Mark? What does he do that best compliments your own work?

Peter Krause: I’ve worked regularly with Mark over the last five years, first on Irredeemable for BOOM! and now on our weekly strip Insufferable at I value that relationship. If I have a strong feeling about a script or character, I know Mark will consider that when writing. And if he wants a particular visual for a scene, I’m happy to accommodate.

That said there are always artistic challenges in a Mark Waid script. That is welcome; how else is one to grow as an artist? So, what about Daredevil as a character excites you as an artist? And what will your DD be like?

Daredevil #35 cover by Chris Samnee

Peter Krause: The basic concept just grabbed me as a kid: the hero has what some might think of as the ultimate disability, yet he is this sleek, acrobatic vision. And that all-red costume is one of the best in comics. Add in the rooftop staging, the cool villains—and Foggy, the ultimate friend—what’s not to like?

As far as what my Daredevil will be like, we’ll have to see. I want to convey that sleekness that is inherent in the character and a bit of Matt’s vulnerability as well. So, then; favorite DD artists of the past?

Peter Krause: I grew up on the Gene Colan version of DD, so Mr. Colan’s take on him will always be number one. But there is an incredible list of artists that have drawn Daredevil: Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, Michael Lark, Wally Wood, Cary Nord, Alex Maleev, Lee Weeks, etc. I have the David Mazzucchelli DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN Artist Edition from Marvel/IDW and it’s incredible. I’ve spent hours with that book.

I’m also a big fan of the two most recent artists on the series, Paolo Rivera and Chris Samnee. They’ve set a high standard. I’m a wee bit intimidated!

DAREDEVIL: ROAD WARRIOR launches in February following DAREDEVIL #36

Themed Printables: Cyborg

Themed Printables: CyborgLooking for an offline activity to do with your kids?
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Avatar Horrors for Halloween

Avatar Press has always been a home to some of the creepiest horror comics being published.  The uncensored vision of some of today’s biggest creators has led to the creation of nightmares that haunt dreams and comic shelves with visceral … Continue reading


THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE goes pumpkinTrick or Treat?Read more


THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE goes pumpkinTrick or Treat?Read more

Meet ‘Ghost Hunters’ Investigator Amy Bruni At Wizard World Austin Comic Con

Meet ‘Ghost Hunters’ Investigator Amy Bruni At Wizard World Austin Comic Con Halloween can be a spooky time, and we’re sure you’ll be celebrating heartily today. Which makes it the perfect opportunity to announce the addition of “Ghost Hunters” investigator Amy Bruni to Austin Comic Con next month. Bruni, who has had a life-long curiosity [&hellip

Henry Winkler Wizard World Q&A Online Now!

Click the links below to watch Henry Winkler’s Q&A. See more celebrity panels in Austin Nov 22-24 &nbsp