17 Relatable Gifs From The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere

Tired of using the same cat gifs to express yourself? We have you covered. Thanks to the Cooler app, we took the best gifs from Sunday’s Walking Dead Premiere out of context so YOU can use them in your everyday life. Whether you’re happy, frustrated, excited, or over it – we have a Walking Dead gif for it. Check them out below and start using them today.

When You Feel Disgusted

When You Feel Stabbed in The Back

When You Don’t Feel Like Going Out

When You’re Sarcastically Listening

When You’re Confused

When You’re Over It

When You Smell Food

When You’re Rolling Up To A Festival

When You Forget What Side You’re On

When Someone Says Something Nice About You

When Someone Tells An Awkward Joke

When Someone Steals Your Fries

When You’re Feeling Thankful

When You Burn a Troll On Twitter

When You Remember Something At The Worst Time

When You’re Feeling Paranoid

When You’re Ready to Conquer the Day

Want to make your own gifs from episodes? Then download Cooler on your iOS device and we might feature your gif next week!

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