『DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY』アクターズライブ開催決定&チケット一次先行抽選受付を開始!!

『DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY』アクターズライブ開催決定&チケット一次先行抽選受付を開始!!

See Photos from “Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE-” Opening Day

KINEMA CITRUS (Made in Abyss)-produced TV anime series is also in the works

“Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE- #1,” the first stage play from Bushiroad and Nelke Planning’s new media franchise kicked off at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo yesterday, September 22. Tickets for the five shows at the venue were immediately sold out, and a “revival” run is already set for January 2018. Check out the photos from the first stage after the jump!

Got 66 Seconds? We’ll Catch You Up to “Mr. Osomatsu”

New video summarizes the first season of the gag anime in a minute and change.

No time to catch up to Mr. Osomatsu? No problem! We can catch you up in 66 seconds! (Although it’s a lot more fun to watch the real thing!) Check out the crash course in Japan’s favorite brothers after the jump.

Everyone’s Favorite Human Joins the “Kemono Friends” Nendoroid Line

Bag (Kaban) premieres in her own adorable figure.

Welcome Bag to Japari Park! The human friend of Kemono Friends will be available soon as a cute Nendoroid. Check out photos and find out where to order yours after the jump!

“Dies Irae” Anime Planned For 18 Episodes

Yui Sakakibara performs theme “Kadenz”

In 2015, award-winning visual novel series Dies irae blew the lid off of a crowdfunding campaign from creators Light that aimed to raise 30 million yen ($250,000) for a pilot, but ended up ultimately raising 300% of its goal. Distribution plans for the series have now been announced. Starting this fall, it will run a 12 episode cour, plus six more episodes, for a run of 18 episodes. It will be released on three six-episode DVD/Blu-ray sets.

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Crunchyroll Adds “Gunslinger Girl” From Funimation To Catalog

Series goes live tonight

More girls with guns action gets added to the Crunchyroll catalog tonight, with Gunslinger Girl. Hit the jump for details.