“Laughing Under the Clouds” Spin-Off Film’s Third Part Release Day Set for September 1, 2018

DVD/Blu-ray will be available at stores on October 3

On the release day of the live-action film starring Souta Fikushi (Kamen Rider Fourze) in Japan, the official website for the trilogy anime film Donten ni Warau -Gaiden- also announced that its third and final part “Ouka, Tenbou no Kakyo” (Cherry blossoms, Cross-bridge of Looking at the Sky) will get its theatrical screening from September 1. Check out the main visual after the jump.

“Joker Game” Second Stage Play Reveals Teaser Visual, Cast and Schedule

Seven cast members from the first play in 2017 are confirmed to return

The official website for Joker Game II, the upcoming second stage play based on Koji Yanagi’s spy mystery novel series Joker Game is today updated with a teaser visual featuring Yuuya Kido as Jitsui and Masashi Taniguchi as Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki, and also announced its main cast and schedule in Tokyo and Osaka. Check out the latest information after the jump.

【安倍総裁登壇】自民党大会 生中継

【安倍晋三総裁登壇】第85回自由民主党大会 生中継
第85回 自由民主党大会の模様を生中継でお届け致します。
【自民党大会前日カフェスタ】党大会の見どころをPR 出演:柴山昌彦筆頭副幹事長、小野田紀美ネットメディア局次長…

ENTER to WIN a Pair of Weekend Passes to Florida Supercon

Greg Cipes is the voice of Beast Boy in Teen Titans, Michelangelo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, & Kevin in Ben 10 and he’ll be Read More …

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こんにちわ。月刊少年シリウス編集部です。月刊少年シリウスがお贈りするWeb漫画【ニコニコ静画「水曜日のシリウス」】本日、3月21日4作品を更新しました!★更新作品はコチラの4作品★・聖者無双:第14話 旅立ち②・天に向かってつば九郎:だい105わ だい2ぼたん +…

Love Silky vol.63 18年3月21日配信スタート!

Poe Dameron Soars into ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

Charles Soule reflects on 25 issues alongside the best pilot in the Resistance! Writer Charles Soule reflects on 25 issues alongside “Poe Dameron”! Read more: